CNC Milling Machines for Sale Ireland

At Engineering Technology Group, we offer an extensive selection of CNC milling machines throughout Ireland.

With a diverse range of over 70 different milling machines, we have the capability to fulfil any specifications you may have.

Our range includes machines with 3 to 5 axes milling, both horizontal and vertical positioning, and the option for multi-tables or single-table configurations.

These high-quality mill machines are exclusively sourced from our esteemed partners: Nakamura Tome, Pietro Carnaghi, and Stama.

Explore our lineup of CNC milling machines today.

For information on stock availability and delivery schedules, don’t hesitate to contact us at 01926 818 418.

External reference links: Company websites of ETG’s world-class machine tool manufacturer associates.

ChironNakamura Tomebavius (formerly handtmann), Pietro CarnaghiQuaser and Stama.

Our Ireland CNC Milling Machines

Benefits of ETG’s CNC Milling Machines

You can receive the following advantages when procuring your CNC milling machine through ETG:

Frequently asked questions:


What is the smallest footprint available for a Horizontal Machining Center (HMC)?

HMCs are generally large, but the Quaser HX404 offers a compact option with dimensions of 4915 x 2365 x 2895. These machines are top-selling horizontal CNC milling machines in Europe, providing powerful and accurate machining with advanced technology.


How can I select the appropriate CNC milling machine for my requirements?

When choosing CNC milling machines, you should consider various factors, including:

  • The material you will be working with
  • Your budget
  • Machine size constraints
  • Desired work capacity and production volume
  • Preferred CAD/CAM software
  • Choice of cutting machine or technology
  • Desired control system, such as Heidenhain, Fanuc, or Siemens.


Which CNC milling machines should I consider for cost efficiency?

To find a cost-efficient CNC milling solution, evaluate the supplier’s reputation, assess your needs, and consider your budget.

Take into account maintenance costs and machine depreciation.

ETG offers cost-efficient showroom machines and tools for sale with limited hours of demonstration use.

If you need more advice, get in touch to speak to our machine specialists.


What factors should I think about before setting up a new CNC milling machine?

Before installing your new machine, it’s crucial to prepare adequately to ensure a smooth installation process with minimal disruption. Consider the following:

  • Electrical supply – Ensure your current electrical setup can support the new machine, and plan how to provide power to it.
  • Layout – Decide on the placement of the new machine in relation to existing ones and assess how it will impact your overall operation.
  • Check foundations – Verify if your foundations can withstand the added weight of the new machine.
  • Access – Ensure there is access to the necessary lifting equipment for installation.


What maintenance do CNC milling machines require?

To ensure optimal efficiency and operator safety, CNC milling machines require routine maintenance, involving regular inspections and servicing.

Common strategies include preventive maintenance (PM), predictive maintenance (PdM), or corrective maintenance (CM).

ETG provides professional machine tool service and preventative maintenance through Support Agreement packages.


Will ETG handle the delivery, installation, and setup of my new CNC milling machine?

Yes, ETG provides a comprehensive solution, overseeing CNC milling machine delivery, installation, and turnkey services.


Can I see a CNC milling machine in action before making a purchase?

Yes, contact us to schedule a visit to our showroom, where you can observe our selection of CNC milling machines in action before making a decision.