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The construction industry is constantly evolving. With new projects continually underway the world over, the construction industry plays a vital part in driving infrastructure forward. From buildings and bridges to tunnels, roads, and homes, through to earth moving, excavation, and mining. The diversity of the construction industry is truly staggering but more diverse still is the equipment – and parts – used to get the job done.

To create any structure, engineers and tradesmen need the right tools. Everything from hand drills and cement mixers to cranes, mining machinery, load-bearing infrastructure, and so much more. It’s here that ETG and its partners play a crucial role. Alongside our principals, we have a longstanding history of supplying CNC machining technology and parts to the UK construction industry, delivering increasingly innovative solutions for the manufacture of construction equipment parts that streamline projects and support innovative leaps in infrastructure.


As a world leader in machine tool solutions that guarantee high precision, maximum process capability, and minimum unit costs, technology from Chiron seamlessly transitions to the construction industry. The world’s leading manufacturers in earthmoving and construction equipment are adopting turnkey solutions from Chiron to produce their machinery parts, faster and more efficiently than ever before.

Like the automotive OEMs that turn to Chiron for the production of their critical components, manufacturers of large construction equipment – brands such as Caterpillar, JCB, Komatsu, John Deere, Volvo, Liebherr, Hitachi and dozens more – all require unparalleled quality, precision and productivity when it comes to CNC machining parts like conrods, blocks, hydraulic propulsion systems, cams, casings, spools and valves. Where do these brands turn when they need a solution? Chiron is the brand that is trusted by many of these globally renowned OEMs. If you need an industry-leading CNC machining centre for the manufacture of your high-performance construction equipment parts – Chiron should be the first name on your list.

Nakamura Tome

A clear world leader in the design and manufacture of single-process, multi-tasking mill/turning machines, Nakamura-Tome has established a reputation beyond reproach. The Japanese CNC machining brand, available in the UK from ETG, utilises the most innovative technologies in its high-precision CNC turning centres. The result is a machine tool solution that can manufacture construction equipment parts at a speed, precision, and quality level that stretches far beyond that of other brands.

This technology is recognised by safety-critical industries such as the automotive, aerospace, and medical industries – and the construction industry is no different. Wherever there is a need for engine and/or heavy industrial vehicle parts such as knuckles, studs and drums, hydraulic propulsion systems (tracks) and cams, casings, spools and valves, shock absorbers, constant-velocity joints, parking brakes and so much more – you are likely to find a Nakamura machine at the sharp-end, making construction equipment parts that keep the industry turning.

Kapp Niles

When it comes to highly engineered construction equipment solutions for part including finishing gears, gearbox casings and profiles, KAPP NILES is the globally renowned ‘go-to’ company for everything that involves gear manufacture. Initial thoughts may be, ‘what do gears have to do with construction?’ Well, very few heavy-duty machines in the construction industry would function without gears. Whether it’s a small digger or dumper through to the largest tunnel boring machines, backhoes, excavators, or bulldozers – all these types of construction equipment require high-precision parts including ground gears to function at the highest and most efficient level possible. This is why the leading names in the industry are using CNC machines from the KAPP NILES brand for profile grinding, generation grinding, dressing and grinding tools as well as measuring machines and solutions. When you want precision, you need KAPP NILES.

Pietro Carnaghi

Pietro Carnaghi is a brand synonymous with the construction industry, working with recognised manufacturers around the world. Pietro Carnaghi is proud to have a lengthy list of customers that are among the most well-known manufacturers of construction mining equipment and earth-moving technology.

Pietro Carnaghi vertical lathes are involved in the production of many of the components used in the most sophisticated construction projects and the respective equipment and machinery within the industry. With a vast array of vertical turning centres, large vertical turning centres, automation systems, gantry milling machines and vertical machine tools for turning and milling, Pietro Carnaghi machines demonstrate extreme rigidity. The precision and quality that goes into the construction of every machine ensure they deliver years of high-performance operation, even with rough machining or difficult tasks; this is what sets Pietro Carnaghi machines apart from their rivals.

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