The toolmaking industry, whether it is injection mould tooling or punch pressing, is a sector that demands precision and adequate surface finishes like no other. Equally, precision is a necessity to ensure that moulded or punched products meet the stringent quality requirements for large-scale production.

For these reasons, more manufacturers in the UK are turning to the cutting tool manufacturing solutions available from the Engineering Technology Group (ETG). Within its vast armoury of industry-leading products, ETG presents the high-speed and ultra-precise machine tools from OPS Ingersoll that are perfect for the mould & die industry. Complementing this, is the Mitsubishi range of EDM machines – so whether you are looking for EDM wire and die sinking, or if you are searching for the epitome of high-precision machining with unparalleled surface finishes, ETG accounts for all cutting tool manufacturing experts. Our technical partners continue to provide industry-leading solutions across various sectors, including automotive, medical, and aerospace.

OPS Ingersoll

OPS Ingersoll machine tools stand in a class of their own when it comes to high-speed machining centres and EDM technology. The machining technology and performance of the OPS Ingersoll range are evident, and for cutting tool manufacturers in the industry that demand quality, precision, and speed beyond the capabilities of a typical machine shop – OPS Ingersoll is the brand of choice.

Machine Tools from OPS Ingersoll

In its high-speed machining range, OPS Ingersoll offers both the OPS Ingersoll Eagle V5 and V9 high-speed dynamic milling machines, used to create moulds and electrodes for the spark erosion process. What separates the OPS Ingersoll machines from others in the industry, is the gantry design and polymer concrete base that guarantees dimensional precision, dynamic rigidity, vibration damping, and thermal growth stability.

Ingersoll’s products are built on a technological foundation absent elsewhere in the manufacturing industry; ranging from the precision spindle compensation to the faultless cooling system, dynamic collision control, load adaptive controls, 3D tuning cycles, energy conservation technology, and others. With 3 and 5-axis variants available with high-frequency spindles up to 42,000rpm, 15m/s2 acceleration and ultra-fast tool changeovers; the Eagle V5 and V9 are perfect for attaining precision, quality, and surface finishes that will see an end to secondary finishing operations.


As for Electrical Discharge Machining (EDMs), OPS Ingersoll presents the Gantry Eagle series of machines. Available in six variants of different sizes and specifications, the Gantry Eagle EDM is no longer limited to Z-axis movement. The Eagle POWERTEC controller can control up to six EDM axes simultaneously. Whether used for indexing in production or completely integrated for complex tasks- with the full integration of up to six EDM axes- the extensiveness of the application enables precise production of workpieces with complex geometries.


In addition to the EDM tasks, it is also possible to automate the calibration of large and complex 3D components. The Eagle POWERJUMP feature with lifting speeds of up to 18m/min, drastically reduces idle time and significantly shortens machining time by optimising flushing, which is a critical part of the EDM process. The movement is adapted to the prevailing conditions based on the size of the electrode and the type of application.

The Eagle series demonstrates impressive advancements in technology, and it is recommended that any cutting tool manufacturer should liaise with an ETG expert to understand the full range of features and benefits of the OPS Ingersoll line-up, comprising all EDM technology and high-dynamic machining centres.

Mitsubishi EDM

The mould & die industry demands the finest production quality, with components that require mirror finish surfaces, and parts that adjoin perfectly to constitute precision press or mould injection tools. It is here, that EDM technology from Mitsubishi exceeds the expectations of manufacturers. The Mitsubishi brand can be found in mould tool workshops, the subcontract supply chain, and as the choice of OEM manufacturers in every sector; from automotive, consumer goods, electronics, pharmaceutical and medical, to the food & beverage industry, and beyond.

The extensive range of Mitsubishi Electric Die-sinking EDMs, Wire-cut EDMs and fine-hole EDMs from ETG enhance productivity with high speed and a level of accuracy that makes work easier for both the first timer and long-term users of cutting machine tool technology. The Mitsubishi EDM range incorporates excellent manufacturing technology, such as the intelligent and powerful CNC system (which has functionality at its core), networking and Industry 4.0 enabled, crash protection, energy efficient drives, controls and generators for low-cost operation, and a 12-year warranty on positional accuracy. The benefits of the range are beyond comprehension – so why not explore them for yourself?


With its range of powerful, precise, robust, and highly productive machine tools; Quaser has a complete range of 3 to 5-axis vertical machining centres, pallet loaded machining centres, horizontal machining centres and automation cells that can deliver the productivity demanded by the mould & die industry.

As each of the machining technologies incorporates a multitude of options to deliver absolute flexibility for the end-user, Quaser machine tools can be found throughout the mould & die supply chain around the world. The Quaser range demonstrates exceptional power, flexibility and stability for everything, from light machining of profiles and features to the heavy-duty machining of large press tools, cavities and features that demand significant stock removal. In the UK, the Quaser’s  machine tools are one of ETG’s bestselling product lines, which can be accredited to Quaser’s ability to easily adapt to any machine shop, or product requirement.

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