Sub-contract Laser Marking Services

Component Laser Marking

In a manufacturing industry where conforming to quality
and legislative standards and obligations are ever more
critical; the components and assemblies that constitute
a final product now demand traceability.

In many industry sectors such as the automotive, aerospace and
medical industries, conforming to standards is no longer enough – the
ability to trace every single component back to its original source has
become everyday practice. For customers of ETG, the Laser Marking
division offers the technology and services to accommodate all of your
component marking requirements.

Permanent Non-contact Marking

ETG specialises in laser marking systems that generate fast, efficient
and precise component marking that conforms to all your requirements,
regardless of industry sector. Laser marking has rapidly become the
preferred method of permanent non-contact marking as it offers quality,
precision and speed with low running costs.

As a complete service provider, ETG can also offer laser marking machine
sales, service & spares and upgrades as well as the subcontract service.
For manufacturers interested in investing in this technology, the depth
and style of marking are easily programmable. Get in touch to learn more about our subcontract laser marking services.

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