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The maintenance, service and ability to maximise the uptime of a power plant, whether it be thermal or nuclear, are of critical importance. Whether it is the production of a new power plant or the replacement of power generation components during a maintenance shutdown; precision, quality and high productivity are essential for keeping the lights on – for everyone! A preventative maintenance shutdown on a power plant can cost tens of thousands of pounds per hour, so component longevity and quality are paramount, as ensuring the right manufacturing parts for power generation are produced to exact standards – every time. It is for these reasons that machine tools from ETG are widely used throughout the supply chain for the safety-critical, power generation sector.


The power generation industry is awash with pneumatic and hydraulic machinery and systems. What better machine could make the respective fittings, valves, flanges and joints than on a Nakamura-Tome mill or turn centre? When it comes to manufacturing safety-critical components for power generation, Nakamura-Tome is the brand that you can trust.

Flanges, fittings valves and joints are key parts manufactured for the power generation sector, due to the extreme pressures and temperatures that fluids can reach during operation. Extreme conditions can accelerate wear and corrosion, so precise, high-quality fittings are essential. As a world leader in the field of multi-tasking mill/turning machines, Nakamura-Tome CNC mill/turn centres are applied in power generation systems worldwide.

Pietro Carnaghi

As a key supplier to the energy industry, Pietro Carnaghi has a wide and diversified range of vertical turning centres that can satisfy the needs of the power generation sector in every field; from nuclear energy, to wind energy through to hydroelectric power generation. A vertical turning centre is a fundamental machine for manufacturing components designed for energy production. In modern manufacturing, particularly large parts, the most desirable technology is the acquisition of machine tools for completing the machining phase in a single set-up. To avoid the transfer of parts from one machine to the next, a multi-axis machine tool is a preferred choice to reduce continual set-ups. It is here, where Pietro Carnaghi exercises its expertise with an approach that increases productivity and precision whilst reducing setups and potential errors.

Pietro Carnaghi has designed its vertical lathe configurations, providing machines that permit turning, milling, drilling, tapping, boring, and grinding- ideal for manufacturing power generation parts.

In nuclear power plants, the machining requirements can be satisfied only with high-quality machines that achieve a high level of performance in the production of parts for generating power, these components can often reach substantial dimensions and weights. Pietro Carnaghi excels in the gas, steam, hydroelectric and turbine manufacturing sectors, and has been a long-term critical supplier of high-precision performance technologies for manufacturing the main components for power generation.

Pietro Carnaghi machines are designed to operate in the manufacturing of gas turbine parts, steam turbines, and hydro turbines; both for conventional and nuclear units. Common solutions are also provided for the machining of turbogenerators and generators. These machines are frequently bespoke solutions with special features that enable the machines to perform in extreme environments. Pietro Carnaghi lists an extremely high number of installations in countries with a high rate of development, such as India, China, and the Middle East.

One machine that has proven to be a game changer for many power generation manufacturers is the AC28 TM 2500; capable of boring, drilling, milling, and turning parts up to 3m high, the 2.5m diameter table and 2.8m swing accommodates extremely large parts. With a 250 by 250mm ram that extends 1.5m, the flexible milling head is capable of reaching all surfaces of challenging parts, whilst the 41kW spindle motor delivers exceptional torque levels for heavy duty material removal applications. This power is only exceeded by the 60kW spindle motor that generates 37,000Nm of torque for driving the turning table.

Other variants of the AC Series and the AP100 TMT-Y 8000 have been supplied to a well known German power generation manufacturer, for producing wind turbine parts such as bearings, planetary gearboxes, gear rings and the respective housings. This global powerhouse has acquired more than 50 machines. With complete flexibility, the AC Series has been equipped with up to 7m swing, 200kW spindles, vertical, horizontal and universal milling heads with B-axis, hydrostatic linear axes, Industry 4.0 connectivity and much more.


Winbro was bourne of the aerospace industry in the 1980s. Whilst the power generation sector and aerospace industry appear light years apart, at the centre of both sectors are safety critical turbines and rotating parts that are the driving force of everything else in the industry.

Winbro has evolved its advanced EDM machine systems, and currently excel in wind turbine components and blade manufacturing. Winbro machines drill cooling holes in turbine blades, vanes, combustors, and focus on other high-precision critical components that are often produced from some of the most challenging materials known to the industry. Winbro has established itself as the industry-leading turbine parts manufacturer, and their advanced manufacturing technology for power generation parts is available from ETG.

Winbro has expanded its range of technologies to include laser systems, multi-axis grinding and ECM (Electrochemical Machining).

This technology has been successfully adopted in the power generation sectors with some of the world’s leading companies from both the wind, green and nuclear power industries employing Winbro power generation parts. The Winbro Group uses four primary processes within its comprehensive range of machining systems. This includes electrical discharge machining (EDM) technology for high-speed drilling, laser technology for drilling, cutting, ablation, welding and cladding, creep-feed grinding and electrochemical machining (ECM) for finish forming. These four main processes form just a part of Winbro’s overall portfolio, with many additional integrated technologies, features and capabilities available. This technology is extensively utilised by the world’s leading power generation OEMs to generate complex cooling holes and forms in the most challenging of applications and materials, often encountered in the power generation sector.

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