Net Zero Initiatives


Global warming has been on the radar for many years, it has been talked about endlessly and debated by world leaders, on how the issue should be tackled. A legally binding international treaty on climate change was adopted in 2015 and entered into force in November 2016 – The Paris Agreement.

With the above in mind, and in collaboration with Betterworld.Solutions, who are leaders in the green revolution, ETG pledge to offer Net Zero initiatives to its customers. Please click an initiative below to learn more.


Amorphous metal transformers offer high level of efficiency, deliver substantial savings in operating costs and thousands of kg of savings in CO2 annually.

Industry-leading Amorphous Core Transformers

Powered by Powerstar, ETG’s super-low loss amorphous core transformers help manufacturers to reduce CO2 emissions, cut costs and meet environmental responsibilities.

The transformers we supply are suitable for both old and new machine tools. Perfect for environmentally conscious and cost-savvy businesses, our transformers dramatically maximise power and cost savings.

When you install an amorphous core transformer on your machine tool, you significantly decrease power consumption and CO2 emissions, limiting your business’s carbon footprint and saving energy costs.

Even though the initial cost is slightly higher than conventional transformers, amorphous core transformers deliver a better return on investment.

Over ten years, the new amorphous core transformers can yield an average saving of £25,500 while reducing CO2 emissions by 40,000kg.

Consider this cost-saving and multiply it by the number of machine tools in your shop – your business could save a significant amount. Furthermore, if energy prices keep rising, the amount you save will only increase.

Every nine months, conventional transformers consume their initial investment in wasted energy. On the other hand, our transformers are significantly more efficient and waste very little energy.

Do you want to discover how much money, energy and CO2 emissions you can save by installing an ETG amorphous core transformer to your machine tool? Take the challenge. Visit the ETG cost-saving calculator to learn more.

Find out how much you could be reducing your costs and carbon footprint.