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ETG places a huge emphasis on the education sector, supporting everything from schools, colleges and technical training academies to universities and research institutions. With our engineering superheroes working closely with academia on all levels, ETG recognises the importance of training and nurturing the engineers of tomorrow.

As well as actively employing and training our apprentices through our extensive education programme, our relationship with training academies and colleges is second to none. We supply technology to academia at all levels and simultaneously, the technology and training we provide ranges from user-friendly standardised machine tools to multi-axis technology that supports research facilities and OEMs that have bespoke training requirements.


The Vulcan range of machine tools is named after both the Aston Martin Lagonda Vulcan hypercar that boasts a 7-litre V12 power unit and the RAF Vulcan Bomber. With ETG based in Wellesbourne, one side of the facility is the Wellesbourne Airfield which is the resting place of the RAF Vulcan Bomber and the other side is the Aston Martin Lagonda facility responsible for the production of the Vulcan hypercar. To this end, the Vulcan name represents the driving force that ETG has instilled into this range of machines.

The Vulcan range of machining centres, offer exceptional quality at an affordable price with reliability, performance and build quality that you would expect from the industry’s leading machine tool provider. Since their market introduction, Vulcan machines have become a popular choice in numerous industry sectors and the respective supply chains. This is why the Vulcan series is popular in the education sector. With a wide selection of machine types and CNC control formats, the Vulcan is the perfect solution for any training department. Already installed at dozens of training facilities around the UK, the Vulcan brand demonstrates user friendliness and quality with a level of technology that can be understood, learnt and transferred to other types of machines – giving your trainees the perfect grounding in machine tools. The Vulcan brand caters for everything from simplistic easy to use machines to relative complex technology, providing your trainees complete access to transferrable skills for the future.


As a world leader in machine tool solutions that guarantee high precision, maximum process capability and minimum unit costs, a technology from Chiron gives learners an understanding of what is truly possible with a machine tool. The world’s leading manufacturers in all technology sectors are embracing everything Chiron has to offer – from methods for manufacturing simple parts faster to turnkey solutions that can manufacture the most complex components as efficiently as possible.

The technology from Chiron combined with the innovative machine concepts and kinematics, make the Chiron brand a remarkable foundation for learning and understanding advanced machining methodologies. Whether its simple components for the medical, automotive, aerospace supply chain or parts with remarkable complexity and cycle time constraints – the Chiron brand continues to break new ground and this is fundamental to higher-level education and research institutions, which are just two niche areas in the education sector where you will find these machines.

Nakamura Tome

When it comes to turning technology, there is very little you cannot learn from a Nakamura-Tome machine. As the world leader in the design and manufacture of single-process, multi-tasking turning and mill/turning machines, Nakamura has established a reputation beyond reproach. The Japanese brand that is available from ETG utilises the most innovative technologies in its high-precision CNC turning centres. The result is a machine tool solution that can manufacture components for any industry at a speed, precision and quality level that stretches far beyond that of other brands.

This technology is recognised by safety-critical industries such as the automotive, aerospace and medical industries – and the education industry is no different. Wherever there is a need for simple or complex components – you are likely to find a Nakamura machine at the sharp end, making the parts that keep the industry turning. This is why the brand is so instrumental in the education market, it gives learners of all competence levels a foundation for advancing their technical prowess.

Mitsubishi EDM

Mitsubishi EDM technology has been the ‘go-to’ name in the industry for more than a generation. Whether it is small workshops, the subcontract supply chain or the OEM manufacturers, Mitsubishi Electric Die-sinking EDMs, Wire-cut EDMs and fine-hole EDMs from ETG enhance productivity with high speed and a level of accuracy that makes work easier for both the first-timer and long-term users of this technology when handling everything from simple to complicated shapes. This is why the world of academia turns to the industry’s leading brand.

Mitsubishi EDM machines can be found throughout the entire manufacturing supply chain and as technology evolves to new processes and material types, EDM technology has never proven so relevant or popular. It is the continual growth of EDM along with the technology and intuitive user interface on the Mitsubishi machines that make them the choice for academia.


Quaser is a machine tool brand of impeccable quality and performance that is perfect for the education sector. Quaser is one of the biggest manufacturers of CNC machining centres worldwide and as such, its expertise is unparalleled. Quaser has an extensive range of products to fulfil several metal-cutting demands. This starts with 3 and 4-axis vertical and horizontal machining centres through to 5-axis machines, multi-tasking technology like mill/turn machines as well as value-added flexible manufacturing cells that can be implemented in lights-out production or for robotic applications.

It is this diversity from simplistic to technically advanced machine tools and production methods that make the Quaser brand a choice for engineering apprentices and learners to progress their technical prowess from entry level through to becoming advanced manufacturing engineers. The Quaser machines can be supplied with an array of CNC control systems and they can be driven by all the leading CAM software systems – giving learners a fundamental understanding of not just the manufacturing processes, but also how to programme machine tools regardless of CNC control or integrated CAM systems. When it comes to developing knowledge for the engineers of tomorrow, Quaser is a leading brand that is used extensively throughout the manufacturing ecosystem, from OEMs and down through the respective supply chains. This makes Quaser the brand that delivers a seamless transition from education to industry.

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