Precision, safety, process capability and unwavering quality and reliability are all critical ingredients for manufacturing components in the aerospace industry. ETG provides all of this in abundance with its extremely diverse range of machine tools and manufacturing solutions that have been developed specifically for the world’s most safety-critical industry. Our Principals have spent decades developing machine tools and solutions for the industry, overcoming all of the challenges and answering all of the difficult questions – so you don’t have to.


The Chiron brand is world renowned for its turnkey solutions in a variety of industry sectors, delivering productivity enhancements that lead the industry. Perfection, maximum safety, quality, and durability as the benchmark. An industry facing profound structural change and pressure to decrease costs. To operate with confidence in this difficult field, you need production concepts for the future. Manufacturing solutions from the Chiron Group further streamline operating procedures for maximum efficiency.

To ensure that aircraft take off safely and on time, processes must be structured, and all individual steps must be perfectly aligned, running seamlessly in sequence. The same applies to the manufacturing of complex structural components where high machining rates, exact dimensional, geometric and positional tolerances and excellent surface quality must combine. A CNC machining centre from Chiron is the ideal solution for high-speed cutting of components made of any material – whether titanium, aluminium, steel, stainless steel, cobalt, chromium, gold, magnesium, Inconel, plastic or graphite.

Machine Tools from Chiron

A machine tool from Chiron is your perfect productivity partner for achieving the perfect combination of performance, precision, and dynamics. One example is the FZ 16 S 5-axis with an HSK-A 100 interface for machining turbine workpieces and titanium structural components for engines. Another is the MILL Series for single-spindle machining or the 25 and 28 Series for double-spindle machining which deliver the ultimate in productivity. All of these solutions and more are highly productive machines that are already extensively used by world-leading manufacturers. In the UK and worldwide, Chiron machines are applied for the production of flaptracks and ribs for the wings, raceways, floor beams, latch beams, seating and seat rails for the interior structures along with sub assemblies for the landing gear and undercarriage and much more. If you want your aerospace productivity to take off, Chiron is the one brand that should be high on the priority list.

Winbro Group Technologies

Winbro’s origins were founded in the 1980s, focussing on the aerospace sector from day one by applying its advanced EDM machine systems to drill cooling holes in turbine blades, vanes and combustors. The company has established itself as the global technology leader in that sector – and this technology is available from ETG.

The company has broadened its range of technologies to include laser systems, multi-axis grinding and ECM (Electrochemical Machining), and have now successfully transferred this expertise into other sectors. The Winbro Group uses four primary processes within its comprehensive range of machining systems. This includes electrical discharge machining (EDM) technology for high-speed drilling, laser technology for drilling, cutting, ablation, welding and cladding, creep-feed grinding and electrochemical machining (ECM) for finish forming. These four main processes form just a part of Winbro’s overall portfolio, with many additional integrated technologies, features and capabilities available.

The Winbro machines are unique in their capabilities and this is extensively utilised by the world’s leading aerospace OEMs to generate complex cooling holes and forms in the most challenging of applications and materials.


Established as a world leader in the field of multi-tasking mill/turning machines for the aerospace industry, Nakamura-Tome CNC turning centres and machining centres are applied worldwide in this safety-critical industry. In the aerospace sector, Nakamura turning centres are widely used by OEMs and the supply chain as the go-to solution for producing flap transmission systems for the wings, connectors and safety critical components for the avionics, specialist fasteners and parts for the engines and casing, sub-assemblies and fasteners for the landing gear and so much more.

Why is the Nakamura-Tome brand so well respected and recognised in this industry? The Nakamura-Tome machines are a combination of world-class kinematics, an industry-leading CNC control system and automation technology that is the envy of machine tool manufacturers worldwide – but it’s far much more than this. The Nakamura-Tome brand is recognised worldwide for its rigid and robust platform that enables the automation, clever Industry 4.0 enabled software and kinematics to work in harmony; delivering uncompromising stability, repeatability, flexibility and above all productivity and quality when machining the most challenging materials known to the industry. This is why the aerospace industry, like so many other sectors, depend on Nakamura.

Mitsubishi EDM

Mitsubishi EDM technology is synonymous with the production of complex components and extremely challenging materials and this is why the brand is so frequently seen in the aerospace supply chain. Mitsubishi Electric Die-sinking EDMs, Wire-cut EDMs and fine-hole EDMs from ETG enhance productivity with high speed and a level of accuracy that makes work easier for both the first-timer and long-term users of this technology when handling everything from simple to complicated shapes. Mitsubishi EDM machines can be found throughout the aerospace industry and as the world continues to move toward the next generation of ultra-strong lightweight aircraft, the application of Mitsubishi EDM technology is destined to lead the way in this industry.


Quaser is a brand with a complete range of 3 to 5-axis vertical machining centres, pallet-loaded machining centres, horizontal machining centres and automation cells that are extremely powerful, precise, robust and highly productive machine tools. The Quaser line-up excels in the aerospace industry, a sector that demands stability, rigidity, performance and power that are all balanced to meet the needs of an industry that is continually machining aerospace-grade alloys that push the limits of your machine tools daily. If you invest in Quaser machine tools from ETG, you will witness unfathomable productivity benefits, improved productivity, surface finishes and component quality that is all derived from a machine tool range that is the epitome of quality.

In the UK, the Quaser brand of machine tools is one of ETG’s bestselling product lines in the aerospace industry. This is a credit to its flexibility to adapt to any machine shop and product requirement which sees the machines commonly used for structural components and more.

Balance Systems

Achieving perfect balance for rotating components in the aerospace industry is critical for the performance of all rotary parts – and in this safety-critical industry, keeping aircraft in the skies can so often be all about balance. Balance Systems is a world leader in balancing machines for rotating components and process control systems. This technology partner caters for every facet of the aerospace industry with high-performance balancing machines for electric motors, shafts, propellers, couplings and a host of other safety-critical components and assemblies.

Why balance?

In electrical assemblies and systems, rotor balancing is often necessary, as it’s possible to find products that are not perfectly symmetrical and rotating parts that vibrate, produce noise and may damage the system. Even a slight unbalance may cause high vibration and damage to components. In the case of rotors, balancing reduces noise, vibration and energy consumption – and with a sector that has a laser-like focus on safety, lightweighting and energy efficiency, balance is critical. So, whatever you need to balance, the Engineering Technology Group (ETG) is the partner you need to support your business.


With horizontal machining centres, profile machining centres, gantry machining centres and universal machining centres that are all dynamic machine tools for the simple to complex 5-axis machining of large components, bavius is a brand that you will see throughout the aerospace supply chain.

bavius machines offer table sizes to meet the demands of the customer. So, whether you are machining small components or if you need a table that can accommodate aerospace structural parts to 47m long with widths of 7m on the Gantry SD – bavius is the name you need. The machines offer extreme levels of speed, power, acceleration and material removal rates that will accelerate the production of all of your aerospace structural components. Whether you want a gantry machine with one or two bridges, a twin spindle machine or a profiling machine with extremely high speeds, feeds and unparalleled kinematics – bavius is the name the aerospace industry trusts.

For large components in the aerospace industry, bavius is a household name. In the production of aerospace wings, bavius machines can be seen producing ribs, butt straps, spars, pylons and wing boxes. The machines are as likely to be applied to aircraft interiors, frequently found producing seating components and interior structures of the fuselage. Likewise, the machines are chosen by many of the leading OEMs/first tier for the production of safety-critical components that demand the utmost in rigidity, stability and safety – such as the landing gear, beams and sub-assemblies.

Pietro Carnaghi

Pietro Carnaghi is a brand synonymous with the aerospace industry, working with recognised manufacturers such as Rolls Royce, GE, Boeing, Lockheed Martin and countless others

Pietro Carnaghi is the ‘go-to’ name for the machining of jet engine components, supplying its machine tools to the leading aerospace manufacturers. The company’s vertical lathes are involved in the production of many of the components related to the most sophisticated aeronautical projects known to the industry. With a vast array of medium to large vertical turning centres, automation systems, gantry milling machines for mill-turn applications. Pietro Carnaghi manufactures critical aero-engine components such as disks, casings, drums, containment cases, compressor housings and rings that require turning, milling, drilling and grinding on materials such as inconel and titanium.

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