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ETG and its principles are at the very cutting edge of the drive to zero emissions in the automotive market. Brands like Chiron, Nakamura-Tome, Vulcan, Quaser, Kapp Niles, Stama and Balance Systems are all at the very forefront of delivering solutions to the world’s leading automotive manufacturers and their supply chains. Whether it’s battery modules and chassis, rotors and gear shafts, disks and callipers, transmission housings or high-speed rotary components and electric motors – ETG has the most productive bespoke solutions for your requirements. Learn more about the machines we supply for electric vehicle manufacturing.

ETG’s Machine Tool Associates Are Dedicated To Delivering Leading CNC Automotive & Electric Vehicle Manufacturing

For as long as the automotive industry has been manufacturing vehicles on a mass-production scale, ETG’s partners have been supplying the sector with machine tools and technology to ensure the most productive and reliable manufacturing technology keeps production lines moving. The world’s leading OEMs are reliant upon our technology and decades of manufacturing expertise. If you have a challenge in your automotive production facility – ETG is the only brand that can deliver a complete solution that provides a productive solution with confidence and peace of mind assured.


High precision, maximum process capability and minimum unit costs are crucial for the automotive industry. Top companies and innovation leaders in the automotive and vehicle construction industries have been using economical CNC machine tools and successful Turnkey solutions from Chiron for more than two decades.

A CNC machining centre from CHIRON is the ideal solution for high-speed cutting of components made of any material – whether titanium, aluminium, steel, stainless steel, cobalt, chromium, gold, magnesium, Inconel, plastic or graphite.


For the precision high-speed machining of wheels, the 5-axis Chiron 18 Series is the machine of choice. For flexibility and productivity, the Chiron FZ18S offers numerous configuration and equipment options and all 18 Series models are available with one, two or four spindles to deliver unprecedented productivity levels.

5-axis Chiron 18 Series for Wheels


Nakamura has established a firm position as a world leader in the design and manufacture of single process, multi-tasking mill turning machines for the automotive industry. Developing products by utilising the most innovative technologies, the high precision CNC turning centres and machining centres are applied worldwide by the automotive industry.

Balance Systems

Balance Systems is a world leader in balancing machines for rotating components and process control systems for machine tools. Attaining perfect balance for rotating components in the automotive industry is critical for the performance of any rotating parts. Balance Systems caters for every facet of the automotive industry with high-performance balancing machines for electric motors, alternator rotors, brushless rotors, fans, electric fans, brake disks, drums, clutches, turbines, flywheels, shafts, pumps, wheels, pulleys, propellers, couplings, spindles and more.

Balancing Machines are advanced technological solutions that enable users to eliminate vibration in moving components by providing the perfect balance to improve the life and performance of electrical, mechanical and electromechanical systems within a vehicle. Vibration and noise are typically caused by the unbalance present in the rotating parts. To eradicate this phenomenon, each rotating element must be balanced dynamically through a balancing machine during the productive process phase.

Why is balance so important?

In electrical machines, rotor balancing is often necessary, as it’s possible to find products that are not perfectly symmetrical and rotating parts that vibrate, produce noise and may damage the system. Even a slight unbalance may cause high vibrations and serious damage to components. In the case of rotors, balancing reduces noise, vibration and energy consumption.

In the automotive sector, the components that require balance range from accessories for armatures, blades, brake discs, clutches, drums, electric fans, fans, flywheels, grinding wheels, impellers, motors, pulleys, pumps, rotors, spindles, turbines, turbochargers, universal joints and many more. Whatever you need to balance, Balance Systems and the Engineering Technology Group (ETG) have the solution you require.

Mitsubishi EDM

Mitsubishi EDM technology has been the ‘go-to’ name in the automotive industry for more than a generation. Whether it is the mould tool workshops, the subcontract supply chain or the automotive OEM manufacturers, Mitsubishi Electric Die-sinking EDMs, Wire-cut EDMs and fine-hole EDMs from ETG enhance productivity with high speed and a level of accuracy that makes work easier for both the first-timer and long-term users of this technology when handling everything from simple to complicated shapes. Mitsubishi EDM machines can be found throughout the automotive supply chain and with the arrival of the next generation of Electric Vehicle (EVs), the application of EDM technology in drivetrain components has never proven so popular.


With its range of powerful, precise, robust and highly productive machine tools, Quaser has a complete range of 3 to 5-axis vertical machining centres, pallet loaded machining centres, horizontal machining centres and automation cells that can deliver the productivity demanded by the automotive industry. As each of the machining technologies incorporates a multitude of options to deliver absolute flexibility for the end-user, Quaser machine tools can be found in the automotive supply chain around the world. In the UK, the Quaser brand of machine tools is one of ETG’s bestselling product lines in the automotive industry and this is a credit to its flexibility to adapt to any machine shop and product requirement.


Is it any more apt that this range of machine tools from ETG is named after both the Aston Martin Lagonda Vulcan hypercar that boasts a 7-litre V12 power unit and the RAF Vulcan Bomber. With ETG based in Wellesbourne, one side of the facility is the Wellesbourne Airfield that is the resting place of the RAF Vulcan Bomber and the other side is the Aston Martin Lagonda facility responsible for the production of the Vulcan hypercar. To this end, the Vulcan name represents the driving force that ETG has instilled into this range of machines.

The Vulcan range of machining centres, offer exceptional quality at an affordable price with reliability, performance and build quality that you would expect from the industry’s leading machine tool provider. Since their market introduction, Vulcan machines have become a popular choice in the automotive supply chain as well as in the F1 and motorsport industry sectors.


The STAMA brand from ETG is at the top echelon of automotive production. With 90% of solutions being turnkey for exact customer requirements, STAMA machines are fully prepared for immediate operation and production upon delivery. STAMA is one of the top suppliers of individual machining solutions to the OEM automotive industry and its customers count on the company to increase their manufacturing success and reduce cost per part. Innovative STAMA technologies and high-tech centres are continuously fulfilling production goals across the globe. STAMA develops leading mill/turn centres and machining centres for automotive manufacturers.

For the automotive industry, the process solution has to meet complex requirements. Equal part strategies and model diversity, short product cycles, variable batch sizes and the highest quality – the automotive industry wants it all, and STAMA can deliver. Whether it’s chassis, gearbox, motor or brake system components – implementing the optimal manufacturing solution for the manufacturer and supplier leads to success, profits and motivated personnel. The emphasis for STAMA is on lowering cost-per-piece with innovative technology and design.

Kapp Niles

Kapp Niles is a globally renowned group of companies with high-quality and economical solutions for finishing gears and profiles. This makes this industry benchmark brand a partner for companies in the automotive industry. The perfect interaction between machines, tools and technologies enables extremely precise machining to a thousandth of a millimetre.

The KAPP NILES brand incorporates machines for profile grinding, generation grinding, dressing and grinding tools as well as measuring machines and solutions.

Electric Vehicle Manufacture – The Future

ETG is a key supply chain partner to both OEM manufacturers and the subcontract supply chain in the UK Electric Vehicle (EV) market. ETG solutions can be found at design companies that develop prototype gearbox and EV drivetrain systems as well as transmission systems for world class brands such as Audi, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Mclaren, Maserati, and Triumph.

ETG’s technology solutions can also be found in the design and manufacture of low and high voltage electric motors, generators, power electronics, and control systems suitable for the automotive, commercial, marine, rail, and the manufacture of low voltage AC induction and synchronous reluctance motors, inverters and controls for a wide range of electric vehicle parts and applications.

Of course, we don’t just work with the world’s leading manufacturers on powertrain systems – at ETG, we also support manufacturers of EV commercial vehicles and the manufacture of track control arms, stabilisers, struts, tie rod ends, axial joints, wheel drive systems, axles, brakes, e-powertrains, e-superchargers and suspension parts to name a few. With our technology partners that are the benchmark in the EV industry, we supply solutions to the most prestigious automotive brands and supply chain partners the industry has. Get in touch to find out more about how we help EV parts manufacturers.

At ETG, our partners provide industry-leading, bespoke solutions and CNC machines for automotive parts. If you are part of the EV automotive supply chain and want to find out how ETG’s machine tool and sheet metal solutions can assist in your manufacturing processes, please call 01926 818 418.

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