Manufacturing Sectors

Making Engineers Champions

At ETG, our product portfolio includes some of the world’s leading brands in the machine tool, sheet metal processing and manufacturing sectors.

Our cutting-edge technologies and application experts are focused upon delivering solutions for your requirements. A combination that is the benchmark in a diverse range of industry sectors, from automotive and EV to aerospace, medical, power generation and more.

Automotive & EV

ETG and its principals are at the very cutting edge of the drive to zero emissions in the automotive market. Whether its battery modules and chassis, rotors and gear shafts, disks and callipers, transmission housings or high-speed rotary components and electric motors – ETG has the most productive bespoke solutions for your requirements.


Precision, safety, process capability and unwavering quality and reliability are all critical ingredients for manufacturing components in the aerospace industry. ETG provides all of this in abundance with its extremely diverse range of machine tools and manufacturing solutions that have been developed specifically for the world’s most safety-critical industry.


When it comes to producing complex components from challenging materials, very few industry sectors meet the stringent regulatory demands of the medical industry. Encompassing everything from reconstructive devices, implants, arthroscopy, orthobiologicals, hip, knee and joint replacements through to surgical instruments, diagnostic apparatus, cardiovascular devices, diabetes devices, dental instruments and technologies and much more, the medical manufacturing industry continues to grow at a pace.


The toolmaking industry, whether it is injection mould tooling or punch pressing is a sector that demands precision and surface finishes like no other. Equally, precision is a necessity to ensure the moulded or punched product meets the stringent quality requirements for large-scale production.

For these reasons, more manufacturers in the UK are turning to the solutions available from the Engineering Technology Group (ETG).

Power Generation

The maintenance, service and ability to maximise the uptime of a power plant, whether it be thermal or nuclear are of critical importance. Whether it is the production of a new power plant or the replacement of components during a maintenance shutdown; precision, quality and production times are essential for keeping the lights on – for everyone!


When it comes to manufacturing for the military or defence industries, the scope and variation in production demands can be significant. After all, what is required to meet the production characteristics and demands of a fighter jet will be completely different to that of a submarine, aircraft carrier, tank, or helicopter – and that is just the modes of military transport, there is also the munitions, communications and supplies that cover everything from weapons and ammunition to radios and telecoms and more.



In an industry worth billions of pounds, the Formula 1 industry is at the very pinnacle of global motorsport. Every nation has industry sectors where it can consider itself the global leader; a geographical area with a niche. For the UK, motorsport is that sector.

As the epitome of precision engineering, F1 employs tens of thousands of people and generates a multi-billion pound turnover for the UK economy with almost every team located in ‘motorsport valley’ that sprawls across Oxfordshire and Northamptonshire. Coincidentally, bordering both of these counties is Warwickshire – the home of the Engineering Technology Group (ETG).


ETG places a huge emphasis on the education sector, supporting everything from schools, colleges and technical training academies to universities and research institutions. With our engineering superheroes working closely with academia on all levels, ETG recognises the importance of training and nurturing the engineers of tomorrow.


The construction industry is a sector that constantly evolves. As nations continually undertake new infrastructure projects, the construction industry has a role in everything from buildings and bridges to tunnels, roads and homes through to earth moving, excavation and mining. The diversity of the industry is truly staggering but more diverse than the industry itself is the equipment to get the job done.