CAD CAM Software

Software that solves your productivity issues and increases cycle times.

CAD CAM Software

Mastercam - Solving the worlds manufacturing challenges

CAD CAM Software

CIMCO - Delivering powerful features and faster performance.

CAD CAM Software

CAMplete - Simulation, Verification and Analysis

CAD CAM Software

Heidenhain - Measurement and Control Technology

CAD CAM Software

Verisurf - Model-Based Inspection & Measurement


At ETG, we use only the best CAD CAM software to solve your productivity issues. Furthermore, our software can help you to increase your cycle times. We only use Mastercam, Cimco and CAMplete for our CAD CAM solutions.

Additionally, ETG is an authorised supplier of Mastercam in the UK and Ireland.

We are also an exclusive supplier of Cimco and CAMplate products.

We are confident in the CNC software products we supply and offer full training on their operation and functionality.

CNC CAD CAM Software in action

The Best CNC CAD CAM Software Avaliable

Mastercam’s mission is to produce software and services that solve the world’s manufacturing challenges. Read more here >.

Cimco develops some of the most popular software on the market. For example, some of their software include:

  • CNC Editors
  • DNC software
  • Manufacturing Data Collection
  • Manufacturing Data Management Solutions

Read more here >.

CAMplete saves you money with its full G-Code verification which enables you to protect your investments by preventing crashes. This custom post-processor virtually detects potential crashes, near-crashes, over-travels and set-up errors, which are then identified and removed before machining your parts.

Crashes on machines can cost tens of thousands of Pounds/Euros in technician fees, implementation and downtime, whereas CAMplete pays for itself on the 1st virtual crash. Read more here >.


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