Cimco Scheduler – Ensure the Accuracy and Timeliness of your Production

Ensure the accuracy and timeliness of your production

CIMCO’s newest product Scheduler gives you the opportunity to increase the accuracy of delivery dates, identify untapped production capacity, and allocate the optimal time for preventative maintenance. With real-time order tracking CIMCO scheduler is a powerful tool for the planner responsible for the accuracy and timeliness of the production process.

CIMCO scheduler is an advanced, yet easy to use production scheduling solution driven by data from the shop floor, provided directly by machine operators through a dedicated mobile interface. CIMCO Scheduler provides a timeline-based overview of machines, orders, and dependencies over several weeks.

A horizontal calendar is placed at the top and below it, each machine has a row with machine status, orders and shifts. Dependencies are shown with lines between orders.

CIMCO Scheduler

ClMCO Scheduler can auto-schedule orders by either placing new orders after the last one scheduled or, if possible, by placing new orders in unplanned periods with plenty of free production capacity.

Orders can be updated from the Timeline and easily moved between machines with drag-and-drop. When an order is changed, CIMCO Scheduler will reschedule the order itself and any affected orders. All the consequences of a change are presented to the user of approval.