Cimco Integrated Probing Solution For Mastercam

Probing can help improve the machining process in many ways but is often underused due to the challenges and awkwardness of having to use external software, manually edit NC programs, or add probing cycles through the CNC control interface.

CIMCO Probing is a fully integrated add-on for Mastercam that addresses all these issues by making probing an integrated and natural part of the Mastercam programming process. CIMCO Probing helps improve the quality of parts, increases productivity, and reduces setup-time and manual processes. Easily program your machining centre’s spindle-mounted touch probe directly in Mastercam the same way you program toolpaths. CIMCO Probing generates machine-independent g-code that is inserted directly into the NC program and can be customized to work with any kind of probe.

Before machining, CIMCO Probing lets you utilize your CNC touch probe to ensure the correct setup of the stock material in the machine – every time. During machining, CIMCO Probing can measure the geometry of the semi-finished part and dynamically compensate for topographic irregularities. It can even stop the machine if a specified tolerance is exceeded. The finished part can be measured automatically at the machine to verify its dimensions before the part is unclamped.

Predefined Probe Cycles

CIMCO Probing includes a wide range of Probe Cycles to handle most measurement needs. Cycles can be customized through user-defined parameters with assisting drawings that make it easy to see what each parameter controls in the cycle. For convenience, CIMCO Probing can intelligently fill in parameter values based on stock model geometry.


Surface probing

Surface Probing makes it easy to select surface points and surface normal on curved geometry. For any point chosen on the model, a measuring cycle is generated, and the result of the measurements is compared with the 3d model.

Seamlessly Integrated

CIMCO Probing works seamlessly inside Mastercam and includes its own dedicated tab in the Ribbon bar with icons for adding Cycle or Surface Probing. Probing options are shown in the Manager Panel and once a cycle is added, it is stored in Mastercam’s Toolpath Manager where it can be repeatedly adjusted as needed.


All probe tool movements can be fully visualized and verified using Mastercam’s Backplot, Verify and Machine Simulation. In addition to being convenient, this also provides confidence that your probe tool remains undamaged during machining. Probe tool collisions can be detected and resolved before the program is machined.