ETG is the exclusive supplier of Cimco CAD CAM software products.

CIMCO CAD CAM software offers 5 elements – Cimco DNC-Max 7, Cimco MDC-Max 7, MDC-Max Web Client, Cimco NC-Base 7 and Cimco Edit 7, all of which ETG supplies and supports with in-depth product training available. CIMCO programmes are integral to efficiency on the shop floor, providing not only great tools to get the job done, but also a powerful and integrated platform for editing, designing, visualising, managing and communicating CNC programmes and related content. See all of Cimco’s software platforms here.



At Cimco we develop and market software and solutions for computer integrated manufacturing. Our product line includes advanced CNC-Editors, DNC software for reliable CNC communication, manufacturing data collection for real-time monitoring and analysis of shop floor productivity, and production data management for managing, controlling and securely storing all production related data.

By delivering reliable and professional software solutions through our global network of CAD/CAM/CNC resellers and consultants we have sold more than 100,000 licenses globally. Since 1991, CIMCO resellers have helped companies worldwide improve their competitive edge with our software and we hold great pride in continuously supporting and meeting our customers’ demands by developing intelligent and competitive solutions.

CIMCO headquarters and main training facility are located in the Danish capital Copenhagen. This is the base of operation for the sales and support team. Our technical service staff travels worldwide and has local offices in select countries.