25 Series



The new CHIRON 25 series is designed for machining complex, large-volume components - with a combination of productivity, accuracy and flexibility that is unmatched in this class. The spindle distance of 800 mm predestines the DZ 25 for the double-spindle production of aluminium components for the automotive and aviation industries.

Operation and loading take place on separate pages. This enables the best access to the work area and a good view of the process - even if the machining centre is supplemented by a pallet changer for workpiece changes parallel to production.

Further advantages are a flexible machine layout with a small footprint, independently movable spindles in the X and Z directions and flexible automation with a robot or gantry. Operation is via the TouchLine system with a large panel on which the machine status can be monitored at any time.

The 25 series is prepared for the SmartLine modules RemoteLine, DataLine and ProcessLine - they promise an additional plus in productivity.

Strong performance - high dynamics - the key facts of the 25 series:

  • Reliably high productivity
  • Highest precision and processing quality
  • Small space requirement
  • Fast set-up
  • Easy handling
  • High rigidity
  • Highly dynamic
  • Serviceability
Technical Data
Machine Concept

Travel XYZ max.

800-1100-800 mm

Power max.

61.00 kW

Spindle distance DZ with two spindles

800 mm

Spindle speed max.

20,000 min-1

Chip-to-chip time

from 3.5 s

Axis acceleration XYZ max.

10-10-15 m / s2

Rapid traverse max.

120-75-75 m / min

Number of tools max.

2 x 60

Tool holder

HSK-A63 / HSK-T63

Workpiece weight max.

500 kg

Workpiece diameter max.

799 mm

Workpiece height max.

612 mm

Pallet size

630 x 630 mm

Pallet change time

12 s

Perfectly coordinated high-tech modules for the highest demands and individual production use. Highly flexible - thanks to the modular building block principle:

  • Double-spindle, highly productive machining of large components
  • High precision thanks to a rigid machine bed in portal design
  • High dynamics through high axis acceleration and fast rapid traverses
  • Separate operating and loading and unloading sides
  • Great visibility through large door openings
  • Independently movable spindles
  • Many tools for extensive editing
  • Tool exchange parallel to production time for maximum output
  • Independent tool change per spindle for short chip-to-chip times
  • Loading and unloading parallel to the main time using a pallet changer (DZ 25 P)
  • Intuitive operation via TouchLine
  • Simple automation using a robot or gantry

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