Event coming soon… Witness the cutting-edge bavius HBZ Trunnion TR80 machine in action!

Astonishing 5-axis machining up to Ø 850mm – Watch this space, for your invitation to see the potential of the outstanding bavius HBZ TR80.

Graeme Thomas, ETG’s Business Development Director, will host the event which will take place at ETG’s stunning machine showroom at its Wellesbourne Headquarters, Warwickshire.


Technical Partners

Advanced tooling will be supplied by Guhring, who will be in attendance to demonstrate the quality and versatility of their leading range of cutting tools. BLUM will also be on hand to demonstrate their software for in process measurement and HyperMILL have provided CAM solutions with their innovative modular software, which ensures machining efficiency.

There will be two live cutting demonstrations, one on a hard metal aero part section and to show the full versatility of the machine ETG / Guhring will also show a deep pocket aluminium demonstration.

Throughout the event, our showroom model bavius HBZ Trunnion TR80 will be on offer at an attractive price. For those interested in further information, Graeme will be on-hand throughout to discuss.

The bavius HBZ TR80 offersthe highest productivity in comparison to footprint:

Horizontal machining

  • Optimum swarf evacuation
  • No re-cutting of chips
  • Improved surface quality and tool life
  • Optimum machining of deep cavities
  • Reduced cost per part



  • Synchronised drive system and clamping on both sides of the NC-rotary swivel table
  • High dynamics and precision due to rigid machine construction
  • Three-point floor mounting


Tool concept

  • Rapid tool change
  • Various options for tool management
  • HSK 63 / HSK 100


High-performance cutting

  • The optimum spindle for any application (aluminium, steel, titanium)
  • Considerably reduced machining times and cost per part
  • Increased levels of productivity


Flexible automation

  • Options for pallet automation
  • Possibility to retrofit automated solutions
  • Flexible loading options
  • High table payload


Useful links:

View more details here including full machine specification

Download the TR80 brochure


If you would like to find out more and be notified in advance when dates are release (limited places), please email us