Vulcan VMC Is New Option For ‘Cost Conscious’ Engineers

The Engineering Technology Group (ETG) has risen the bar on cost-effective machining centres with the arrival of the new Vulcan VMC650B. Part of the new Vulcan brand that was launched earlier in 2020, the VMC650B is the smallest machine in a line of high-quality machines that are built-upon a box way design that has been optimised with Finite Element Analysis to deliver impressive levels of rigidity and performance.

Vulcan 650b

The new 3-axis VMC650B is a robust workhorse capable of handling extreme cutting forces and weight loads whilst maintaining smooth motion with increased dampening and cutting force characteristics. This smooth axis movement and vibration dampening are enhanced by an extra-wide saddle and base design that is complemented by each axis utilising grade C3 precision-ground ballscrews and a pre-tensioned design.

From a specification perspective, the compact new VMC650B has a work envelope of 650 by 500 by 500mm in X, Y and Z-axis with a spindle nose to table surface distance of 125 to 620mm. This spacious work envelope works over a machine bed of 800 by 470mm that can accommodate workpieces up to an impressive 500kg. The BT40 spindle taper is provided with cutting tools from a swing-arm type tool facility that can hold up to 24 tools.

To meet the demands of the marketplace, the Vulcan VMC650B is available with a range of spindle options that include a 5.5/7.5kW motor or a 7.5/11kW spindle motor. Additionally, ETG can support customer requirements with direct-drive BT40 spindle motors with the option of a 10,000rpm, 12,000rpm or 15,000rpm spindle speed or the belt-driven spindle with speed options that include 8,000rpm, 10,000rpm or 12,000rpm. For manufacturers looking to undertake cost-effective high-speed machining, the Wellesbourne machine tool experts can configure the VMC650B with a 20,000 or 30,000rpm BT40, HSK-E40, 50 or 63.

The compact new machine can achieve rapid traverse rates of 25m/min in all three axes to guarantee productive machining within a solid build construction that boasts an overall weight of 4800kg in a compact 2180 by 2040mm (LxW) footprint. Adding to this weight and stability is the reinforced rib design in Z-axis that delivers structural strength through the entire casting length.

As standard, ETG is providing the Vulcan VMC650B with a 20bar coolant pump, belt-type chip conveyor, LED work light, levelling blocks and bolts, spindle bearing air purge, Z-axis motor with a brake system, spindle chiller, tool kit, rigid tapping and much more. If you are in the market for a cost-effective 3-axis machining centre that takes quality, productivity and precision to a new level – get in touch with ETG to find out more about the Vulcan Series.