Thomas Brown Engineering – Investing in Exceptional Technology

WY 250 (1)A recent PR article from Thomas Brown Engineering on a  ETG CNC Machine purchase.

A recent investment into new technology has been made with the acquisition of our two new Nakamura-Tome machines. The NTJ-100 and WY-250 have considerably higher productivity, with capabilities of multitasking. These impressive machines are known to feature some of the fastest cycle times ever.

The Nakamuras are exceptional in their ability to produce large parts with complex features in one operation. The NTJ-100 has a 52mm bar capacity lathe and thanks to one turret being a full B axis, which can swivel though 190 degrees, it can mill/drill parts at different angles. It can carry up to 56 tools, making it fast and versatile. The WY-250 is a 9 axis turning centre. It has a 65mm bar capacity with
bar feeder and parts catcher and is extremely quick and accurate. It is ideal for turning high precision parts requiring a turn/mill features. The reliability of these machines means that they can produce parts in a lights out situation allowing us to offer competitive prices to our customers.

These machines have proved popular with colleagues and customers alike. They are relatively easy to operate, offering many manufacturing aids to the operator. They are super fast and most importantly to our customers, very reliable.