Our solutions and our technical advice ensure high-precision machining and high-quality output. We love to help our customers, to support them, and to share experiences and to solve technical challenges.

With this engagement follows that we should assist manufacturers through the next era of manufacturing. A future characterized by automation, digitalization, collaboration and sustainability. Making our customers’ lives less complex will be key. And we should help them make their manufacturing faster, easier and more sustainable.

Faster as in access, response, customization, productivity, and delivery lead times.
Easier as in assistance, availability, flexibility, simplicity, smart, and predictable.
More sustainable as in circular thinking and systems, less waste, good handling of harmful materials and fluids, and reduction of ecological impact.

One day, manufacturing will be so flexible and fast that almost any shape can be produced in a day – from idea to finished product. This is a future where advanced machine shops are completely digitalized and circular. Mass customization is standard. Seco and partners make it possible to produce special one-off components in cost-efficient and responsible ways.

In this future, the speed of manufacturing has accelerated from weeks to hours. The workflow is seamless and setup times are minimal. Demand has been unleashed and is met instantly. Sustainability is a given.

All these developments have been realized through new types of truly collaborative partnerships between manufacturers, tool providers, machine tool builders and system providers. Seco is the driver in the most progressive innovation networks. We learn a lot together and provide a wide range of engineering services and high-quality tools that solve our customers’ challenges.