HWR Spanntechnik GmbH is a specialist in clamping deformation-sensitive workpieces and in compensating the concentric clamping of components of any shape. With more than 30 years of industry expertise, we understand your applications and always deliver a solution based on your requirements. At HWR, the power of innovation meets absolute precision in execution. The result is an application-optimised clamping device solution that reliably meets the increasing demands of your turning operations. Manufacturers can rely on effective and low-cost solutions that will optimise production results.

Travelling new paths

HWR started selling zero-point and stamping jaw technology in 2013. From the word go, enthusiasm and dedication have accompanied us in successfully establishing this technology.

The faith that our customers have in zero-point and stamping jaw technology is increasing rapidly. This technology has made rapid inroads in the marketplace with sales rapidly expanding. The excellent results in practical form closure applications (stamping jaw technology) are only one of the many reasons why more manufacturers are adopting the SOLIDLine technology.

By developing the SOLIDLine, we decided to step into the market as a manufacturer and present new product developments and enhancements that are making a significant impact on our customers. As well as impressive results, end users are witnessing a host of product and service support benefits.

Made in Germany

Square and round components can be clamped with the INO® clamping system in an optically concentric manner. As a result, your components can be manufactured at a lower cost, this is particularly the case when clamping deformation-susceptible components.


The HWR team is driven by the constant challenge of providing innovative enhancements. We have devised the INOLine® product range and it is produced to the highest levels of quality and precision. This path will lead the brand to develop additional new products. The INOFlex®INOZet® and INOTop® are products that consistently meet the intensifying requirements of manufacturers undertaking turning and milling work. State-of-the-art machine tools need universally deployable clamping systems to come up with maximum accuracy levels and clamping forces. Both cube and round components can be clamped with the INO® clamping system in an optically concentric manner. As a result, your components are manufactured at a lower cost than ever before. When clamping deformation-susceptible components, excellent results can be achieved with the INO® clamping systems.

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