Streamline Gear Cutting Processes With ETG

Gears are essential components for transmitting power in everything from industrial machinery to aerospace, construction, automotive and EV as well as a host of other market segments like electric bikes. Machining gear components demands impeccable precision levelsandthere are several dedicated machines specially designed for this purpose, such as hobbing machines. Hobbing machines are commonly utilised throughout the industry, however, manufacturers often face issues with multiple setups and the application of jigs and fixtures. This is compounded when you add in factors such as a shortage of skilled workers and the excessive floorspace required for multiple dedicated machines. These issues can rapidly be eradicated by the Nakamura-Tome turn/mill centres from the Engineering Technology Group (ETG).

A multitasking machine can change this situation because it performs turning, milling, and gear cutting in a single process. Integrating these processes significantly reduces setup changes, contributing to more efficient production. Moreover, machining quality remains at the same level as that achieved with dedicated machines – in many cases, it can be improved as multiple setups are not required.

Hobbing or Skiving?

Both processes are gear-cutting methods and each has its advantages. Hobbing is suitable for manufacturing high-volume parts and external gears, while skiving is used for producing parts ranging from low to high volume. Skiving applies to both outer and inner gears and when machining close to the walls on the end of a gear. Hobbing, skiving and other cutting methods can be conducted on multitasking machines and these production centres can produce various types of gears such as Spur Gears and Helical Gears.

Enhance Programming Support by ‘Smart Support’

When you invest in a Nakamura machine from ETG, the software solution ‘Smart Support’ simplifies the creation of specialised machining programs that have been developed by Nakamura-Tome through a conversational programming interface.

Recently, the software introduced a gear hobbing function that now enables users to effortlessly create dedicated programs by inputting variables according to the provided guidelines. To enhance user-friendliness, the software incorporates graphical images to guide operators

through the process.

Moreover, the intelligent software solution boasts a hob shift function that is similar to those found in specialist hobbing machines. This hob shift function allows users to shift the contact face of the hob cutter, thereby extending the tool’s lifespan significantly.

In addition, Nakamura has released a new video showcasing JX-250 and the gear machining capabilities. If you have an interest in reducing your investment in specialist machines and the costs of running multiple machines, please take a moment to watch it. It provides a clearer understanding of the software’s capabilities in action. The software also includes other cycles that enable users to create specialised programs quickly and easily. If you would like to find out more, please contact your local ETG representative.