For over a decade CIMCO DNC-Max has been the leading DNC solution by which all others must be compared. From its best-in-class client/server architecture to its unmatched configurability and scalability. DNC-Max meets the requirement of both small shops and corporate enterprises with thousands of machines in multiple remote facilities.

CIMCO DNC-Max - The professional choice for DNC communication

Client/Server architecture

CIMCO DNC-Max is a Client/Server solution consisting of the DNC-Max Client, DNC-Max Web Client and DNC-Max Server. The DNC-Max Server is the core component of DNC-Max and handles all communication activities and calculations. It can be run as an application or as a service in the background as required.

Powerful PC Client

The DNC-Max Client is the PC interface of DNC-Max and allows users to manage local or remote file transfers, monitor machine ports, and perform remote network configuration and administration of multiple servers – from a single point.

Next-generation Web Client (new)

The DNC-Max Web Client is a modern, browser-based application that works on mobile, tablet, desktop and TV. It supports local/remote file transfers, file preview, transfer queue, port organization and much more.

Seamless integration with CIMCO Edit

In addition to the stand-alone PC Client, the full DNC-Client is also available as an add-on for CIMCO Edit providing a seamlessly integrated application interface.

Advanced Remote Control

The advanced remote control features of DNC-Max allow operators to initiate program transfers directly from the CNC control or from a mobile device using the DNC-Max Web Client.

Programs, sub-programs and even entire directories can be requested in one operation directly from the CNC control – and for Ethernet controls it’s further possible to browse files directly on the server.

Any program changed by the operator and sent back to DNC-Max can be automatically raised in version or stored in a quarantine area. This gives you the ability to track changes and revert to any previous version if necessary.

CNC and hardware compatibility

DNC-Max is the complete DNC solution for all your CNC equipment. In addition to standard Fanuc/Haas style controls DNC-Max includes comprehensive support for Heidenhain, Mazak, Fagor, and many others.

DNC-Max works with off-the-shelf, industry standard RS-232 serial communications hardware, including Ethernet and Wireless serial device servers, traditional card based hardware, and existing legacy hardware.

DNC-Max supports 1 up to 4000 simultaneous ports for DNC or drip-feed when combined with industry standard RS-232 communications hardware from companies such as MOXA, Quatech, DIGI, and others.


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