Muller Redditch caps £1m+ investment with fourth Nakamura purchase

One of the UK’s leading precision machining specialists is enjoying the speed and versatility of its latest purchase from the Engineering Technology Group…a Nakamura NTY3-150, a three turret, twin spindle machine with 3-metre magazine bar feed.

Muller Redditch, which produces a range of components for the automotive sector, has used the technology to reduce the cycle time of a new suspension part by 30 to 40%, allowing it to meet volume increases and free-up capacity.

The process was developed by engineers at the Redditch-based firm and was up and running within one week of the Nakamura being installed and training on the machine completed.

“This is the 4th Nakamura we have purchased from ETG, equating to over £1m of investment in the latest CNC technology to help us continue to supply our global customer base with precision parts,” explained Adam Cunningham, Managing Director of Muller Redditch.

“All of the machines have been very reliable and offer excellent cutting performance. The latest one has three turrets and a twin-spindle that allows us to remove a number of secondary ops, making the overall process quicker. This approach has now been adopted for other parts and is proving very successful.”

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