High productivity twin pallet VMC from Quaser

A Quaser MK 603 SE twin pallet vertical machining centre now available from the Engineering Technology Group is claimed by its manufacturer to offer the highest productivity available from a machine with such a small footprint.

The 603 SE is a third generation development of the well proven 603 series of VMC’s with over 700 machines sold and in service worldwide.

It features a moving column design based on three axes mounted on a rigid machine base which provides less geometric error with different weights of work piece. The machine features heavy duty roller linear ways and ball screws, the latter being pre-tensioned.  It stands on a footprint of 3.7m wide x 4.8 deep with a height of 3.3m.

The twin pallet machining trunnions have a 300kg load capacity per side with the automatic pallet change time of just 8 seconds. By reducing the (APC) speed, this can be increased to 500kg for larger workpieces.  Pallet change repeatability is maintained at 0.008 mm.

Machining capacity and cutting data are also impressive. Axes travels are 1020mm on the X, 610mm on Y and 610mm on Z. Each pallet measures 1050 x 550mm and the maximum workpiece height is 350mm.

Pallet rigidity contributes greatly to sustained accuracy and the 603 SE’s feature highly secure curvic couplings.  There is also a central aperture of 80mm diameter which accommodates services for a 4th axis table should this be required.

The machines random ATC system has a capacity of 48 tools (upgradeable) with a tool-to-tool time of 2.5 seconds and a chip-to-chip of 6 seconds.

The belt driven 40 taper, 70mmø spindle (as standard) runs up to 9,000rpm with 187Nm of torque.  The spindle is upgradeable to 12,000 or 15,000rpm and the machine is supplied with a BIG PLUS face and taper tooling package offering simultaneous taper and flange contact.

With the option of the Quaser mill I or a Fanuc 31iB control, the machine is supplied with 20 bar coolant system (with a 50 bar upgrade and chiller option) and a large capacity swarf management system to complement the high capacity machining capabilities of the VMC.

Steve Brown is ETG’s Business Development Manager and as he explains, “For manufacturers’ looking to optimise both floor space and the productivity gains achievable with a twin pallet machine, this Quaser 603 SE represents remarkable value.  It is a high precision, high volume production machine reflecting Quaser’s growing reputation as a quality machine builder and would be perfectly at home in any manufacturing environment.  It is also particularly suited to incorporation into turnkey engineering solutions.”

Finally, aware of the operator, Quaser has considered the ergonomic aspects of the loading and operating process offering side door loading at a convenient height, large door openings and an easy accessed control panel.

The machine is also highly suited to automated loading equipment such as the Halter ‘Load Assistant’ which ETG can supply as part of the original specification or can retro-install.

For further information on Quaser and other machines available from ETG, visit www.engtechgroup.com for full details