Flying Start for ETG & DNE Global Partnership

Within a week of announcing the Engineering Technology Group (ETG) as the exclusive UK & Ireland distribution partner for DNE Global fiber laser cutting technology, the Wellesbourne company has sold its first machine. The order for a DNE Global LC3 6kW fiber laser machine has been placed by CJS Safety Systems Ltd in Nuneaton.

The primary product manufactured by the Midlands company is Safegate, a lift shaft edge protection safety system installed in the construction industry. Safegate is the UK’s leading manufacturer in its niche and it supply’s the majority of the UK and Europe’s leading construction and lift companies, providing guarding against falls during construction projects, lift installation and protecting personnel from falls in lift shafts or falling debris from above.

Commenting upon the order, Shane Langston ETG’s Product Manager for the DNE Global range says: “CJS Safety Systems placed the order for the DNE Global LC3 machine as they have done their due diligence and recognised the build quality, productivity and innovation behind the Swiss manufactured DNE brand. The quality and technology incorporated into the LC3 6kW fiber laser far exceed anything else at the same price point in the market currently being manufactured in China or Turkey and this was one of the points that persuaded CJS Safety Systems to order the LC3 machine. Another key factor was the pedigree and engineering support structure at ETG, which further instilled confidence in this customer, a first-time purchaser of laser cutting equipment.”