ETG ‘Permanent Trade Show’ features new machines, demonstrations and partner showcase.


PTS - product follow up PR

Two new Nakamura-Tome machining centres will be making their first appearances in the UK at the June opening of The Engineering Technology Group’s Permanent Trade Show.

As its name implies, The Permanent Trade Show (PTS) will be a year around event with machines regularly being added for demonstration purposes from ETG’s portfolio of leading brand names – Chiron, Nakamura-Tome, Hardinge Bridgeport, Quaser, Handtmann and Stama.

The opening event is across three days in June -10th, 11th and 12th – when 12 fully operational machine tools will be featured along with a gathering of over two dozen ETG partner suppliers who will be in support.

Partner suppliers will have a presence in the main exhibition hall with their equipment either integral to machine demonstrations or on the assembly of trade stands that will be supporting the event.  Representatives will be present to discuss products ranging from toolholding, workholding, software, cutting tools and inserts, fixturing, lubricants and workpiece materials.

Machine tools on view for the first time in the UK will be the latest Nakamura Tome AS200-LMSY machining centre and the NTRX-300 machine with its 7 axis capability. These latest machines represent a significant specification ‘step-up’, both having multi-tasking capability with a done-in-one, high volume, complex parts machining capability.

A third Nakamura machine to be featured is the NTY3, a triple turret high performance machine with opposed twin spindles.

Also featured for the first time will be a Hardinge Bridgeport Conquest V1000 VMC that combines a very high specification with the versatility to make it an invaluable ‘all-rounder’ in the machine shop.

In addition a Chiron Baseline FZ15W Baseline 3 axis VMC will be featured, one of the family of Chiron machines that combine the performance benefits of high end German machine tools within the budget of the sub-contracting sector.

Two Quaser’s are being demonstrated – both top specification VMC’s – the MV214P offering high speed, high power machining while the MF400U is a very well spec’d 5 axis simultaneous VMC machining centre.

In addition to the Conquest V1000, a further five Hardinge Bridgeport machines will be demonstrating their capabilities – the GS51 high precision horizontal turning centre; the H51 – the ‘ultimate bar machine’ with HP or SP options; a GT27 super precision gang tool lathe; the GX480 Bridgeport performance VMC and drill/tap centre and an XR760 compact, high performance VMC.