Constructing a cost-effective solution for Duggan Systems

Established in 1978, our client Duggan Systems is one of Ireland’s leading producers of complete fa├žade solutions for the construction industry. They recently bought a Vulcan VMC from ETG and greatly benefitted from our training.

Duggan Systems were finding it tough to obtain the components they needed, so they wanted to do as much in-house machining as possible. The ultimate goal was to bring down their costs and maintain control of production.

Having already seen a Vulcan machine in action, Duggan Systems were further convinced that their VMC was the right choice because of its bed size, direct-drive and value for money. Duggan chose ETG to buy from as they’d already established a connection with us and knew that we offer the convenience of everything under one roof.

Production manager, Dominykas Rolskis, was delighted with Vulcan’s specification for the price paid. He’s also been impressed with the quality of ETG’s service and training.

Training was vital for Duggan because they had no prior knowledge of machining; once ETG established this, they organised training effectively to suit their needs. Dominykas said that ETG made his team feel very welcome.

Now, armed with their training and new VMC, Duggan Systems can manufacture in-house more cost-effectively.