Stama Maschinenfabrik is a German machine tool manufacturer and a sister company of Chiron. it specialises in advanced 4 and 5-axis machines, – single, twin and 4 spindle vertical machining centres and mill-turn centres.

These offer flexibility and high production efficiency across the range of small batch and high volume machining and with their inherent reliability and automatic loading options are well suited to unmanned machining environments and heavy duty machining.

System 3 Series

    Featuring 180° swivel table and X-range up to 700 mm. Complete manufacturing in two clamping positions, with loading and unloading during machining. Ideal for highly productive series manufacturing.

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System 5 Series

    One work space with a fixed table or device bridge, and X-range up to 1000 mm. Ideal for flexible machining of large workpieces and multiple fixtures.

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System 7 Series

    Single place milling-turning center with one milling spindle and one or two turning spindle(s) in the work space. Complete milling and turning within a small footprint. Ideal for highly flexible manufacturing of single parts and small series.

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System 8 Series

    Single place and two place milling-turning centers, available as single-spindle and double-spindle TWIN. Ideal for reliable and precise complete milling and turning of complex workpieces.

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System 3 Series
System 5 Series
System 7 Series
System 8 Series

Save time.
Cut Costs

Fully prepared for immediate operation and production upon delivery, Stama develops machining centers and milling-turning centers for top manufacturers worldwide in countless industries. The turnkey business accounts for nearly 90% of all delivered machines – we are one of the top suppliers of individual machining solutions, and our customers count on us daily to increase their manufacturing success. Innovative Stama technologies and high-tech centers are continuously fulfilling production goals across the globe.

Sustainable • Space saving • Energy efficient
Flexibility • Precision

We use our know-how and experience to develop individual turnkey solutions – special attention is given to every industry and every workpiece. Nearly 90 percent of all machining and milling-turning centers delivered by STAMA are customer-specific process solutions. Of course – there are always different solutions for a manufacturing process… but only one is optimal.

Stama's History

The company was founded in 1938 by Gotthilf Stark, when they produced petrol lighters, band saws, handcarts or spätzle presses. Stama continued to produce many pioneering innovations from 1946 including:

  • 1954 – Ability to use up to seven tools successively and efficiently on a stand drilling machine, the trend-setting, patented Stama Revolver drilling heads
  • 1963 – Revolver drilling automated system RV 115/H
  • 1970 – Automation begins: The first Stama NC Revolver drilling automated system is developed
  • 1975 – Stama present the first vertical CNC controlled machining center
  • 1980 – The first CNC double-spindle machining center from Stama
  • 1997 – The first CNC centre for the complete machining of bars comes from Stama

Pointing towards productivity

  • 2007 – With the new 4-spindle centers, twin users achieve a productivity boost.
  • 2007 – For highly productive 6-sided complete machining in series manufacturing: MT-2C. The innovative manufacturing solution based on the MT technology
  • 2014 – Realisation of the new STAMA design. The attractive and modern appearance is well received at the customers, in future, all series will be equipped with this look.
  • 2015 – STAMA presents the first robot cell (VARIOCELL SYSTEM). Developed and machined by STAMA.

Take a look inside the Stama SYSTEM 8 Mill-Turn Series

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