An associate of ETG, KAPP NILES, is a leading manufacturer of machines and tools for the finishing of gears and profiles, operational on a global level through their partnership with ETG.

XV Series

    Designed for the machining of internal and external gears and special profiles, the XV Series allows for the prototyping and production of complex components.

ZE Series

    The ZE Series is the most flexible machine tool in our range, allowing operators to take components from prototype to production. The ZE can be used for the production of external and internal gears and special profiles.

KX Series

    Allowing for the prototyping and production of components, the KX Series specialises in the machining of external gears and shafts. With custom automation, the KX can operate on both vertical and horizontal workpieces axes.

RX 120 Rotor Grinding Machine

    The RX 120 Rotor Grinding Machine is designed for series production, including screw compressors. Available as an option is deburring parallel to the grinding operation, as well as an optimised loading concept.

XV Series
ZE Series
KX Series
RX 120 Rotor Grinding Machine

KAPP NILES – Improve your surface quality of gears in electric vehicles

Optimisation of gear surfaces

By improving the surface quality of gears, a significant increase in performance can be achieved in electrically driven vehicles.

A smoother surface with a higher contact ratio can increase the efficiency of torque transmission and thus the achievable range of the vehicle. The maximum surface pressure can also be further increased in order to be able to transmit higher torques of the electric motors and to take account of the lightweight design concept through smaller gears.

KAPP NILES offers various solutions here, from fine or polish grinding as a combined process to polish grinding as a single process, and thus the right technology for your requirements.


60% improvement in roughness with innovative KAPP NILES grinding technology

You can meet these requirements for the highest surface qualities economically and reproducibly with fine or polishing grinding on KAPP NILES machines. Combined tools with different specifications are used for this purpose.

Conventional generating grinding

Conventional generating grinding uses a ceramic-bonded corundum grinding worm that consists of one specification throughout.

Combined process fine grinding

Fine grinding uses a combined tool with two specifications. In addition to the conventional grinding area, the tool has a fine grinding area that differs in terms of the tool specification. This allows surface finishes of Rz = 1 – 2.5 µm to be achieved with process reliability.

Combined process polish grinding

For even higher requirements, conventional grinding is combined with polish grinding. For this process, a tool with two areas is used. For polish grinding, a tool area with an elastic polyurethane or synthetic resin bond is used. Surface qualities of Rz < 1 µm can be achieved.

Polish grinding

After hardening, gears are conventionally ground to remove the existing allowance including hardening distortions and to produce the final workpiece geometry. The tooth flanks are then shot-peened to harden the surface. In the final work step, they are polish-ground with a one-piece polyurethane-bonded tool as a single technology to achieve a high surface quality.

"High-End Surfaces of Gears for Electromobility"

Conference paper Aachen Forum on Gear Production

While the quantity of gears within drive trains for e-mobility has drastically decreased compared to drive trains for vehicles with combustion engines, their design has changed significantly and alongside the geometrical tolerances were massively sharpened. Find out more about new requirements and challenges in gear grinding for electric vehicles and suitable optimisation strategies.

"Generating Ultrafine Surface Finish on Gear Teeth for EV Applications"

AGMA Emerging Technology Webinar Patrick Duhre, Team Leader Test Grinding / Contract Grinding at KAPP NILES, presents more on the topic of “Generating Ultrafine Surface Finishes on Gear Teeth for EV Applications”:

  • Overview on superfinishing technologies on a gear grinding machine.
  • Classification of the technologies into different process chains.
  • Process and machine requirements for different tool geometries.