The CHIRON range of CNC vertical machining centres offers exceptional productivity and a wide choice of 5-axis, twinspindle, swivel head and two-axis rotary table options.

08 Series

    Fast, compact milling centres for high precision and diverse applications.

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12 Series

    Fast, compact single and multi-spindle precision machining centres.

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15 Series

    Fast, powerful, single and twin-spindle precision milling centres for profitable series production.

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18 Series

    Powerful, single and twinspindle machining centres for high-speed machining and heavy cutting.

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Mill Series

    Universal precision machining centres as well for combined milling and turning machining.

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08 Series
12 Series
15 Series
18 Series
Mill Series


High Speed Manufacturing and
turnkey solutions for metal processing

Through a lengthy history with the CHIRON brand, ETG is uniquely placed to provide a full range of CHIRON machining centres and turnkey solutions. CHIRON is one of the metalworking industry’s first choices across small, medium and large-scale engineering and manufacturing environments.

The CHIRON range of CNC vertical machining centres offers exceptional productivity and a wide choice of 5-axis options; including swivel head and two-axis rotary table options.

A video guide to CHIRON

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The emphasis on high-speed axis travel combined with accuracy, stability and reliability make CHIRON machine tools highly suited to high volume applications, automated cells and turn-key installations where maximum productivity is a primary consideration.

ETG’s specialist engineers are able to implement expertly tailored CHIRON machining centres, perfectly matched to meet specific customer needs in the most economical way possible.

CHIRON’s range of industry-leading machining centres coupled with ETG’s technical and process expertise enables our customers to achieve ultimate production enhancements.

Designed and made in Germany

A CNC controlled machining centre by CHIRON guarantees high-speed manufacturing and machining of the highest quality and with maximum productivity. Whether with a single spindle or up to four, ETG can provide machining centres that are configured to exact client specifications.

Seconds ahead

Together with CHIRON, ETG can provide complete customer solutions, from design to implementation from a single source. Contact ETG today to learn more.

CNC controlled machine tools.
Highly accurate and efficient

CHIRON’s range of CNC-controlled machining centres offers ETG’s clients a high-precision and efficient means of machining a wide range of materials, including titanium, aluminium, steel, stainless steel, cobalt, chromium, gold, magnesium, Inconel, plastics and graphite. At ETG, we supply CHIRON solutions to technological leaders in the automotive, aerospace, mechanical engineering, medical, and precision engineering sectors.

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ETG field trip to Chiron
Headquarters, Tuttlingen, Germany

CHIRON finds its home in Tuttlingen, Germany. Nestled in the southern region of Baden-Württemberg, the town makes for a modern, family-friendly and future-orientated base for this industry-leader. Tuttlingen is considered the “world centre of medical technology”.

CHIRON’s reach is expanded through ETG

In partnership with ETG, CHIRON finds a hugely extended international reach and is able to form a part of ETG’s complete turnkey solutions.

Through the course of time,
staying ahead by tradition

CHIRON first found its way to prowess through the manufacture of surgical instruments, progressing to compressors in the 1950s and since onto its current range of leading CNC machine tools. Throughout this time, CHIRON has remained innovative and continued to develop.

Today, they have achieved world renown and consistently set industry benchmarks.

Chiron wins
customers by:

  • Precision machines for the highest standards with regard to speed, quality and efficiency
  • Experience potential for customized, turnkey complete solutions
  • Worldwide service available around the clock.