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Accur-tec - walter tooling


ETG are proud to showcase our trusted partner, Walter Tooling to our Irish customers. A world-class metalworking company providing specialised precision tooling solutions for milling, turning, drilling and threading applications.

Vibration-free machine with long milling tools – Accure-tec AC600 ScrewFit boring/adaptor. 

With Accure·tec AC060, Walter presents a ScrewFit version of its vibration-damped boring bars/adaptors. With a conical design and compatible with the T18, T22 and T28 interfaces. Thanks to its excellent rigidity, concentricity, and internal coolant supply, it is ideal for machining deep pockets, complex, one-piece workpieces, and long overhangs. With a depth of cut up to three times greater than conventional processes, the tool and spindle’s tool life is extended. The result of which is the best surfaces are ensured with maximum productivity and process reliability.

Don’t take our word for it; watch the video, and see the Accure-tec AC060 in action here.

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To find out more about Walter tooling products in Ireland and how they can improve your productivity, please get in touch with the Engineering Technology Group on 045 435 457.