Turnkey Manufacturing Solutions

ETG stocks a vast range of the world’s leading CNC manufacturing equipment and accompanying additions. We operate in conjunction with a host of trusted partners to deliver to our customers the very best that the world of manufacturing has to offer.

In addition to this, we provide what is known as ‘turnkey solutions.’ These services are one of the most significant aspects of our value proposition and are designed to allow our clients to get the best out of their machinery.

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Turnkey Meaning

The phrase ‘turnkey’ is used in a huge variety of applications, generally used to describe something that is essentially a complete plug-and-play solution, able to be installed with little or no interruption to existing processes.

In the case of manufacturing, turnkey solutions are complete machining solutions, providing an end-to-end option that allows manufacturers to source everything they require from one easy place.

With many turnkey solutions, the options that may be purchased will likely be overengineered and costly. However, ETG stands apart from our competition as a result of our ability to design bespoke solutions, specific to an individual’s needs.


When we provide turnkey solutions to our clients, we are able to provide everything from consultancy to training and maintenance.

Our process is broken down into five stages:

  • Evaluate
  • Design
  • Capability
  • Implementation
  • Aftercare

Through these stages, we are able to ensure that we provide the best possible solution, likely to yield the optimum in process enhancements and the best ROI possible.

We have a well-established reputation for best-in-class machining solutions, with an extensive list of manufacturers utilising our machinery and support services.

If you’d like to learn more about our range of complete turnkey solutions, click here.