Bridgeport Hardinge

Bridgeport Hardinge XR1000

As Your Needs Grow, Bridgeport has solutions for increased capacity

  • Spindle drives that provide the power and tourque to machine the toughest materials
  • Rigidity… built like a rock from the ground up
  • Unprecedented spindle technology second to none
  • Revolutionary GTW Spindle- the latest in spindle technology
  • BIG-PLUS dual contact spindle system
  • Elimination of Z-axial movement
  • Thermally stable system for optimal spindle performance
  • Grease lubrication “on-the-fly”
  • Dynamic thermal compensation
  • Eco cooling heat exchanger system
  • Spindle chiller
  • Advanced digital control systems
BLUM Touch Probe

BLUM workpiece touch probes for machine tools

Workpiece touch probes by BLUM are used for fast and automatic workpiece measurement and workpiece zero point measurement in machine tools. Specially designed for the harsh conditions in these machines, the probe systems are an effective solution for improving the accuracy of your workpieces and the productivity of your manufacturing lines.

Your Benefit
  • Extremely high travel and probing speeds
  • Maximum measuring precision in all probing directions
  • Reliable measurements also under coolants
  • Practically-oriented design – e.g. Self-centring stylus
  • Very long battery life
  • Mechanically robust design
  • Enable low-manned operation
  • Realise continuous process chains
  • Workpiece touch probe of exceptional quality and precision

Touch probe for machine tools by BLUM – workpiece measurement perfected

Hyfore Tooling

Hyfore Tooling pack consists of the following:

Note: picture for illustration purposes only and does not show the complete range offered.

6 x BT40 NR16 Collet Chuck, sizes available 3-16MM
2 x NR16 Collets, sizes available 3,4,5mm
2 x NR16 Collets, sizes available 5,6,8,10,12,14,16mm
2 x BT40 NR10 Collet Chuck, sizes available 3-10mm
1 x NR16 Collet Extractor
1 x NR16 Wrench
2 x NR10 Collets, 3,4mm
2 x NR10 Collets, sizes available 5,6,8,10mm
1 x NR10 Collet Extractor
1 x NR10 Wrench
2 x BT40 C32H Milling Chuck
2 x ARH32 Collets sizes available 6mm-25mm
1 x C32H Wrench
1 x BT40 HC-6 Long Reach Holder
1 x HC6 Collets, HC6 Collets sizes available 3,4,5,6mm
1 x BT40-HC16 Long Reach Holder
1 x HC-16 Collets, sizes available 4,6,8,10,12,14,16mm
1 x HC Hex Wrench
1 x Spreitzer Mechanical Clamping Vice MZR 220-125, Base Jaws with Grip

CNC Training - Careers and ETG

All of the training across the Technical Academies will be managed by In-Comm Training, one of only a select few providers in the UK to be rated ‘Ofsted Outstanding’.

We have tapped into their considerable knowledge and experience to deliver a host of different learning opportunities that are helping young people at the start of their career and also existing employees to ‘upskill’ as the UK aims to embrace more advanced manufacturing.

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