Quaser MF500

High Speed Vertical Machining Centre

  • MF500 : Pallet size: 350 (mm)
  • Travel X / Y / Z: 550 / 630 / 610 (mm)
  • Max. ATC capacity:120
  • Pallet capacity: 28

Machine specification

Tooling Package

Hyfore Tooling pack consists of the following:

Note: picture for illustration purposes only and does not show the complete range offered.

6 x BT40 NR16 Collet Chuck, sizes available 3-16MM
2 x NR16 Collets, sizes available 3,4,5mm
2 x NR16 Collets, sizes available 5,6,8,10,12,14,16mm
2 x BT40 NR10 Collet Chuck, sizes available 3-10mm
1 x NR16 Collet Extractor
1 x NR16 Wrench
2 x NR10 Collets, 3,4mm
2 x NR10 Collets, sizes available 5,6,8,10mm
1 x NR10 Collet Extractor
1 x NR10 Wrench
2 x BT40 C32H Milling Chuck
2 x ARH32 Collets sizes available 6mm-25mm
1 x C32H Wrench
1 x BT40 HC-6 Long Reach Holder
1 x HC6 Collets, HC6 Collets sizes available 3,4,5,6mm
1 x BT40-HC16 Long Reach Holder
1 x HC-16 Collets, sizes available 4,6,8,10,12,14,16mm
1 x HC Hex Wrench
1 x Spreitzer Mechanical Clamping Vice MZR 220-125, Base Jaws with Grip

Erowa Pallet System

High performance on little space

The EROWA Robot Compact 80 provides the optimal ratio between a large number of magazine positions and a small amount of floor space.

The tall and lean design of the Robot is suitable for optimal floor space use in the workshop. With a transfer weight capacity of up to 80kg, it can serve one or two machine tools.


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We have tapped into their considerable knowledge and experience to deliver a host of different learning opportunities that are helping young people at the start of their career and also existing employees to ‘upskill’ as the UK aims to embrace more advanced manufacturing.

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