The new BVK4-30-A from Balance Systems

The new BVK4-30-A from Balance Systems is specifically designed for brake disc balancing and offers a new concept for those companies who want to have a cost-effective solution.

The BVK4-30-A, like most of the other machines at Balance Systems, uses the proprietary Touch Detection System for more accurate contact point detection between the cutter and the workpiece. This solution compensates both for tool wear and the OD tolerance of the disc automatically, resulting in high balancing accuracy and repeatability within manufacturing batches – i.e. less scrap parts.

Other technical characteristics you may find relevant include:

Cycle time Change over time Weight range
30 seconds


8minutes 1 – 20 kg

“Our classic 3 axis machine was able to process brake discs, brake-drums and flywheels with the same machine. The BVK4-30-A, on the other hand, now can balance only brake discs but at a fraction of the cost and with a less complex machine.”

Francesco W. D’Alessandro, responsible for the UK and North American markets at Balance Systems Group.

The Engineering Technology Group

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