Sauter Tools

Precision engineering

Sauter manufacture an advanced range of CNC machine tool turrets,  milling heads and driven tooling.  These products can be fitted to a wide range of advanced machine tool manufacturers equipment.


Industry-leading Driven Tooling

The Engineering Technology Group (ETG) is the sole representative in the UK and Ireland of Sauter products. ETG have factory trained engineers available to offer technical support, a full repair and test service and supply of a comprehensive range of Sauter spare parts.

Sauter tooling’s innovative and creative product ideas are utilised in the following sectors, precision technology, jewellery industry and watch manufacturing. Perfect surfaces and shapes for tiny components with the highest precision (µ exact) are manufactured with tool carrier and workpiece carrier systems from the Sauter group of companies. Sauter applications are characterised by reliability, quality and productivity.

Tool Turrets

Whether disc, head or crown turrets – Sauter brand tool turrets are not only the safe, precise interface between machine and tool. They also offer a huge plus in terms of productivity …

CNC Machine Tooling

Our tool turrets are in a class of their own – the solid basis for fast and precise production. And if the tooling comes from Sauter, then everything really fits. Then you have made the optimal choice.

Tool turret and tooling – a dream team from a single source

Whether driven tools, tool holders or quick-change systems – Sauter also offers you clever solutions for tooling. Of course, everything is perfectly coordinated with our tool turrets. In this way we guarantee unique performance, reliability and consistently high productivity.