More Than The Inventor of The Clamping Head

More than 65 years ago HAINBUCH started in a small garage in Germany. A few years after the beginning, the idea was to invent a clamping head that would achieve both precision workholding and quick-change capability. From the start, it was clear that the realization of that vision in steel required the highest degree of craftsmanship.

In every industry at home

Today, we remain a family-owned company, and that same tradition of German engineering, pride, and craftsmanship continues to guide us. Over the years, in response to our customers needs, we have widened our product line, invented new and better ways of workholding, and responded to unique applications and challenges. Our customer family has grown to include manufacturers in industries as diverse as automotive, aerospace, medical tools and appliances, energy, and pure research. What they, and we, have in common, is a dedication to producing the components, the systems, and the techniques on which the future will be built.

Because our aspirations are high, so are our goals. For us, and for you, only the very best is good enough.

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