Efficient oil mist removal for
a safer workshop

Formed in Bridgnorth, Shropshire in 1969, Filtermist are manufacturers and marketers of oil mist collection units and fume & dust extraction equipment for all types of manufacturing and engineering processes. With over 200,000 units in daily operation in over 60 countries supported by a professional distributor network, the company has won several awards for Export achievement.

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Local support in over 60 countries

With its headquarters in Lidköping, Sweden, Filtermist is manufactured and supplied from its site in Shropshire, England.

Machine Tool manufacturers and Multi-National companies can be confident that when they specify Filtermist oil mist collectors, they will have access to spares and support wherever their machines are shipped around the globe.

Although Filtermist oil mist filters are known for their robust construction and long life, they do require occasional servicing.

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Filtermist distributors are committed to providing a high standard of after sales service and offer a full range of genuine Filtermist spares and consumables. These include service kits specially designed to keep the units operating at their optimum performance.

Our vision is to become world leaders in process-air cleaning equipment for industrial applications, standing as a guarantee for environmental responsibility.

The core values for the Absolent group (Filtermist’s parent company) are: Quality, Innovation, Customer-focus and Responsibility.

The group operates in more than 60 countries worldwide and offers a wide range of solutions to eliminate oil mist, oil smoke and dust from workshops in almost all industrial sectors including automotive, aerospace, oil & gas, electronics, railways, steel production, power generation and food processing.