Swiss Machining Solutions



You no longer need a separate software package for CNC Swiss machines — something programmers and machinists appreciate. Give your shop the convenience and precision of Mastercam Swiss Machining Solutions for gang-style machines and select gang-turret and B-axis machines.

Our Swiss Solutions combine Mastercam Mill and Mastercam Lathe, with an optimized post processor to give you a reliable set of tools to program parts for your Swiss machines—exactly how you need them.

Programming in the Lathe product provides easy roughing, grooving, threading, parting, drilling, boring, and tapping. You can also perform milling operations with Mastercam’s proven toolpaths such as Contour, Drill, Dynamic Motion, OptiRough, Pocket, and Project for increased productivity. Mastercam Lathe also delivers a set of C-axis programming, with greatly expanded options when combined with Mastercam Mill, such as face contour and drilling, and cross contour and drilling.

  • This bundle of technology delivers precision G-code and the flexibility to standardize your shop with a single software package to program a wide variety of Swiss machines.
  • Provides enhanced POCO (Pick-Off Cut-Off) strategy.
  • Includes multi-stream NC program viewing.
  • Customized Swiss posting options allow for more accurate G-code programming.
  • Integrated CAD for CAM provides a powerful set of tools for creating and manipulating wireframe, surfaces, STL, and solids data.

More people use Mastercam than any other CAM software. From CAD inception to the creation of a final machined part, Mastercam is designed as a comprehensive solution for manufacturing efficiency.

  • Easily add machine options and custom code to post output
  • Use existing Mastercam Mill or Mastercam Lathe knowledge to quickly produce Swiss programs
  • Maintain program uniformity throughout your shop
  • Intelligent, stock-aware toolpaths
  • Robust 3D solids and surface machining
  • Complete tool library and custom tool support
  • Flexibility to swap programmed part to different machine makes and models


You are provided with customized parameters directly within Mastercam for lathe stock advance, specific machine setup parameters, expandable custom machine options, and user-specified options.

Live Tooling

Machine any job with the combined power of C- and Y-axis machining.

Multi-Stream Program Viewing with Sync Codes

Mastercam Swiss Solutions deliver a simple and effective way to get clean, proven G-code.

Powerful CAD

Open any CAD file in Mastercam to access modeling and prep tools for CAM programmers to get parts on and off machines quickly.

Localized Support

Our Mastercam Resellers bring years of practical experience specific to various regions, manufacturing goals, and language requirements worldwide, to ensure that as a Mastercam user, you always have the support you need to get the most out of your CAD/CAM investment.

Dynamic Motion

Extend tool life with proprietary toolpath strategies that maximize material removal rate and reduce cycle times.

System Requirements
Minimum Recommended
OS Windows 10 or Windows 11 64-bit Professional Windows 10 (version 20H2 or later) 64-bit Professional
Intel® or AMD 64-bit processor, 2.4 GHz or faster
Intel i7 or Xeon® E3, Kaby Lake or later, 3.2GHz or faster
8 GB
32 GB
OpenGL 3.2 and OpenCL 1.2 support with 1 GB memory. No onboard graphics.
NVIDIA Quadro® or AMD FirePro™ / Radeon Pro card with 4 GB (or higher) dedicated memory.
1920 * 1080 resolution
1920 * 1080 resolution, dual monitors
Storage Solid State Drive (SSD) with at least 20 GB free and a USB 2.0 reader (for installation media) NVMe Drive with at least 20GB free
3D Mouse
3Dconnexion 3D mouse

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