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CIMCO TeachWare is a cloud based e-learning solution for educational institutions that can be used on a PC, tablet or smartphone. It provides students with an introduction to working with digital machine tools and teaches basic knowledge in the areas of:

  • Machine Device
  • CNC Technology
  • NC Programming
  • Tools and cutting data
  • Measuring and Tolerances
  • Safety

The teaching method is based on professional theoretical introductions followed by relevant tests and students are taken through milling and turning in separate sections. Text, images, and video sequences are used to illustrate the theoretical content.

Once students have reviewed all of the content and successfully completed the tests they will be able to create NC programs for CNC machines on their own. Students will also have aquired a good understanding of the total workflow – from the interpretation of workshop drawings to the finished part.

Teacher section

CIMCO TeachWare has a dedicated section for instructors where entire books and other course materal can be created and edited. This is also where student test results are gathered providing the instructor with an efficient way to monitor the progress of each student.

Add content and tests

CIMCO TeachWare is designed so instructors can modify the included content or add new content as needed. New tests can also be added by simply writing questions and including correct and incorrect answers. Once a test is activated it will be available to your students.

Manage students and track performance

Students are grouped into different courses, and each student gets an individual login. This allows the instructor to easily manage individual students’ results/statistics in testing and evaluate their professional level. Student statistics provide an overview student performance showing both the statistics and the full answers of every student.

Student section

Students get a personal login to access a “Student Site” that includes course books and tests. Students can hightlight and save text in books and add notes to all courses.

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