ROHM NC-Centric 5 axis clamping vices now from ETG

Posted on October 26, 2016
ETG ROHM Centric Vice

ETG ROHM Centric Vice

Coventry based ETG Workholding is now a supply partner for ROHM GmbH, one of the world’s leading chucking tool manufacturers with a wide range of vices and allied equipment suited to five-axis machining.
Clamping devices are a particular speciality of ROHM and its latest RZM NC – centric clamping vice is ideal for 5-axis machining applications.
It features high jaws and offers exceptional workpiece clamping security without any additional substructures or special jaws. The centric clamping design holds the workpiece securely with a minimum interference contour due to its compact footprint with an overall vice width of just 125mm.
The centric clamping vice can also support ROHM’s own design SKB clamping jaw inserts offering very high holding forces can be realised with a reduced force and low material loss.  They also engage with the vice body and workpiece more cost-effectively because the ‘stamping and clamping’ associated with conventional jaw inserts is done in one operation – saving the stamping station completely.
Key features of the Centric vice are a hardened and ground steel body, a high position of the clamping jaws, a spindle situated at the top (close to the jaws) long jaw ways and outstanding guidance characteristics based on a patent-protected jaw guidance system.
In five-axis machining, the user benefits from a very open design for optimised chip removal – even when heavy machining it is easy to keep the vice clean.
Unfinished parts and parts for processing with a hardness up to 900N/mm2 (max) are securely clamped with a clamping depth of 25 kN and a tightening torque of 150Nm.
Two versions are available – both with identical widths of 125mm – but with length options of 222mm or 142mm and as well as the claw jaws, conventional v-jaw and draw down jaws are available.