Powerful and reliable in stainless steel – Walter Tooling

ETG are proud to be showcasing trusted partner Walter, to our Irish customers. Walter is a world-class metalworking company, providing specialised precision tooling solutions for milling, turning, drilling and threading applications.

TC440 Supreme thread former

Powerful and reliable in stainless steel – The TC440 Supreme thread former. 

The new patent-pending strong geometry of the Walter HSS-E TC440 Supreme thread former was specially designed for stainless steel. Its strong groove shape ensures a maximum tool life and process reliability when machining blind and through-hole threads with and without internal coolant (axial and radial): At thread depths up to 3.5 × DN, in the dimension range M2–M12 (metric) and M8 × 1–M16 × 1.5 (metric-fine).

Don’t take our word for it, watch the video, and see the TC440 Supreme Thread Former in action here.

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To find out more about Walter tooling products in Ireland, and how they can improve your productivity, please contact the Engineering Technology Group on 045 435 457.