Talent® 51

Bridgeport Hardinge


The Hardinge TALENT® Series machines offer an exceptional combination of features for accuracy, flexibility and durability in a compact design. The unique collet-ready main and sub-spindle design will increase part accuracy and improve surface finish. The TALENT® Series offer’s two separate base structures which feature a robust one-piece cast iron base, heavy duty roller linear guideways and ballscrews, with many standard value-added features – through-tool and headwall air / coolant for both main and sub-spindles, foot switches, chip conveyor interface, barfeed interface, air hose with air gun. The machine features both Fanuc OiTF and Siemens 828D CNC controls which include many value added features.

  • Total Flexibility, one spindle takes all available collet systems
  • Greater working envelope
  • Keep the workpiece close to main spindle bearings, higher stiffness due to integrated design
  • Easy changeover between the system (less than 5 minutes)
  • Quick Change, high repeatability < 0,003mm
  • Established Proven Technology – High Market Acceptance of Flex Type Collets
  • Built in Crash Protection – In terms of a crash the Centrex Ring and the Adaptor needs to be replaced instead of rebuilding the spindle
  • Better Process, lower vibration, better tool live in complex and difficult to cut materials
  • Full use of machine turning capability (Turning Length gain from short design of Adaptors)
  • Quality of Spindle will remain the same (Part Runout)
Technical specification
Main SpindleShort BedStandard Bed
Collet Ready Spindle Config - ANSIA2-6 / 20C - CFS Type
Draw Tube TypeHydraulic
Through Draw Tube Capacity51 mm (2”)
Gripping Capacity with Step Chuck & Closer150 mm (5.9”)
Maximum Swing Over Way Cover550 mm (21.35”)
Machining Diameter - Max.310 mm (12.2”)
Turning Length - Max (with collet)372 mm (14.64”)632 mm (24.88”)
Turning Length - Max (with chuck)283 mm (11.14”)543 mm (21.38”)
AC Digital Main Spindle Drive System
Max. Speed (1 rpm Steps)5000 rpm
Base Speed1071 rpm
Continuous Power Rating11 kW (14.75 HP)
Maximum Power Rating18.5 kW (24.80 HP)
Continuous Torque Rating98.1 Nm (72.35 ft.lb.)
Maximum Torque Rating165 Nm (121.7 ft.lb.)
Collet Ready Spindle ConfigurationA2-5 / 16C
Draw Tube TypeHydraulic
Through Draw Tube Capacity42 mm (1.65”)
Gripping Capacity with Step Chuck & Closer150 mm (5.9”)
Live Tooling Drive System
Max. Speed (1 rpm Steps)6000 rpm
Base Speed1500 rpm
Continuous Power Rating3.7 Kw (4.96 HP)
Maximum Power Rating11 Kw (14.75 HP)
Continuous Torque Rating23 Nm (16.96 ft.lb.)
Maximum Torque Rating70 Nm (51.63 ft.lb.)
Turret Configurations
12 Station with ½ Index CapabilityBMT 45
Drive ConfigurationDIN 1809
12 Station with ½ Index CapabilityVDI 30
Drive ConfigurationDIN 5480
Live Tooling Drive System
Max. Speed (1 rpm Steps)6000 rpm
Maximum Power Rating3.7 Kw (4.96 HP)
Maximum Torque Rating226.2 Nm (19.32 ft.lb.)
Travels and Feed Rates
X Axis Travel Max - Live Tooling (BMT / VDI)190 mm (7.48”)
Z Axis Travel Max392 mm (15.43”)
Y Axis Travel Max+/- 42 mm (1.65”)
X and Z Axis Rapid Traverse Rates30 m/min (98.43 ft/min)
Y Axis Rapid Traverse Rates10 m/min (32.81 ft/min)
Evaluation StandardISO 230-2
Repeatability - X & Z Axes (ISO)0.005 mm (0.000197”)
Machine Dimensions
Machine Length2366 mm (93.15”)2740 mm (107.87”)
Machine Depth1814 mm (71.42”)
Machine Height1932 mm (76.06”)
Machine Weight4900 kg (10802 lbs.)5600 kg (12345lbs.)

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