Single place and two place milling-turning centres. Available as single-spindle and double-spindle TWIN. Ideal for stable and precise complete milling and turning of complex workpieces.

Integrated workpiece handling, defined loading positions and predefined interfaces for easy automation with various loading and unloading systems.

With the ability to mill and turn a vast range of workpiece sizes and geometries, STAMA System MT 8 and MT 8 TWIN machining centres lead to significant cost and time savings.

One controller for all chip removal technologies: Milling, drilling and turning operations can be combined in any order for an economically and technically optimal machining process.

Large rotary indexing tables and device bridges with torque technology in the A-axis, along with strong turning spindles in the B-axis, enable stable and precise (simultaneous) 5-axis machining – milled, drilled and turned.


Download MT 831 TWIN Specifications
Model Unit MT 831 TWIN TWIN
Milling Spindle
Sprindle distance mm 320 400
Spindle drive kW 2 x 22/51  
Torque Nm 2 x 140/170  
Spindle speeds r.p.m. 10000/12000  
Turning Spindle kW 2 x 43  
Torque Nm 2 x 180  
Spindle speeds rpm 4200  
Working Area
X-axis mm 780 700
Y-axis mm 400  
Z-axis mm 400  
High speeds m/min 75  
Acceleration g up to 1.5  
Tools   HSK-A63  
Number   2 x 32 2 x 35
Weight kg 5/10  
Diameter mm 78/140  
Length mm 300  
Chip-to-chip time s 3.0  
Controls   Siemens 840D sl Siemens 840D sl

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