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Industry-leading CNC Lathes & Turning Machines

ETG houses an industry-leading range of CNC lathes and turning machines, supplying our cutting-edge CNC machines exclusively to clients across the UK and Ireland. When it comes to performance, reliability and productivity, our CNC lathes and turning centres continually raise the standard.

With the usage of lathes dating back to around 1300 BC, there’s a rich history behind their evolution.

Read on to learn about today’s state-of-the-art CNC Lathes.

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World-class CNC Lathe Training Courses

At ETG, we deliver world-class training courses to help you and your staff get the most out of your CNC lathe machine. Our comprehensive training courses will equip your team with the knowledge to efficiently program and operate our machines.

You can either complete our Beginner to Advanced CNC training programmes at your facility or our ETG headquarters in Wellesbourne, Warwickshire. We also tailor our courses to your company’s specific needs with the help of our industry-leading technical partners.

Our training courses include:


CNC Lathe Programming Training courses

Our programming courses will teach you how to code the machining of parts on our CNC machines. At ETG, our courses explore the Siemens, Fanuc and Heidenhain programming functions.


CNC Lathe Operator Training courses

Our operating courses will provide you with an understanding of how to operate our CNC machines. From setting up workholding and running sequences to tool changing, our technical engineers will cover every aspect of the operation process.

CNC Lathe Servicing & Repair

ETG supplies industry-leading CNC servicing and maintenance packages, ensuring your CNC lathe operates at maximum productivity throughout its working life.

We can draw on the knowledge and expertise of our factory-trained, audited engineers throughout the country. So you can rest assured that whenever you require urgent service, our team will provide swift, quality support to minimise disruption and help you get back into full production as soon as possible. Also, we tailor our service packages to suit your needs, delivering a bespoke range of options.

Find out more about our CNC service and maintenance solutions.


Technical support

We provide a flexible support structure to ensure all our customers get the most from their CNC machines. You can subscribe to a number of hours per year on our Support Agreement, enabling you to spread service liability and achieve reduced costs. Find out more about our Support Agreements.


OEM Spare Parts

We house a vast stock of critical spares for next-day delivery, available for all our principal brands.

CNC Preventative Maintenance

We can provide a tailored monitoring and preventative maintenance programme to ensure your machine maintains a long-term, quality performance. Our preventative maintenance services include:

  • General condition checks
  • Scheduled replacement of consumable items
  • Geometry checks
  • Oil and filter replacements

Frequently-asked questions about CNC lathes

1. Which industry sectors use CNC lathes?

Our CNC Lathes are used to produce precision parts in various industries, including but not limited to military, aerospace, medical, automotive, and defence.  Find out more about the main sectors we serve here.


 2. What materials are suitable for use with a CNC lathe?

With the correct tooling in place, CNC Lathes can handle a variety of materials including steel, stainless steel, titanium and copper. They can also handle workpieces made in softer materials such as brass, aluminium, wood, plexiglass, plastic, and acrylic.

On top of CNC lathes, we also supply CNC milling machines.