Latest Nakamura builds on AS-200 success

Building on the success of their compact AS-200 machining centre specifically developed with the dual capability of maximum productivity in diversified small lot batches or high volume single component manufacture, Nakamura Tome has now introduced a new derivative – the AS-200LMY+S.

Nakamura Tome machine tools are available exclusively in the UK from the Southam based Engineering Technology Group who offer comprehensive technical support for the machines including installation, turn-key engineering and operator training.

This latest machine represents a significant specification ‘step-up’ being a multi-tasking machine with a done-in-one complex parts high volume machining capability.

The new AS-200 series machine offers a long bed specification (L), milling capability (M) and a Y-axis (Y) as standard with a range of additional features (over the AS200) including a 90% increase in turning length, longer Z axis travel, complete parts in one chucking capability and a range of operator friendly features including a large screen monitor.

Importantly there is an additional factory fitted option to add a sub spindle (S+) to significantly widen the capability of the machine tool while adding to its productivity and capacity.

The sub spindle offers a spindle speed of 4500rpm, with a 5.5kW power motor generating a torque of 24Nm.  The chuck diameter is 165mm.

The main spindle on the machine features 15kW power with a torque of 110Nm, accommodates a ø65mm bar capacity and offers improved rigidity with a 26% increase in curvic coupling.  It features a 15 station tool turret.

The milling power is 5.5kW (24Nm) and the Y axis travel is ±41mm although in comparison with the standard AS 200 machine the Z axis travel offers an 83% increase to 585mm.

The longer bed accommodates the turning length capacity to 570mm with a 340mm bar diameter.Nakamura AS200LMY+S

Aside from the 15” monitor the control is the latest Fanuc 0i-TF featuring user friendly icon based menu selection, the NT Manual Guide for integrated operation guidance and comprehensive Tool Life Management, Tool Life Monitoring and NT Work Navigator functions.  There is also an Air Bag function to detect and prevent workpiece/tool collisions.

Commenting on the advanced features of the new AS 200 series machine, ETG Technical Director Richard Hughes states; “The AS 200 was a radical launch by Nakamura Tome and we in the UK are high among the top five countries in the world for sales.

“The LMY+S model builds on that success offering manufacturers a range of pre-specified additions that greatly increase the capability into high volume manufacturing.  Coupled with the only option – the sub spindle – this becomes a formidable machine for its size and cost.  We feel Nakamura has another winner,” he adds.