Innovative, informative and coming your way

The CHIRON Group recently hosted an OPEN HOUSE to demonstrate how it is a driving force for the entire industry. The event attracted professionals from around the world and presented new technologies, experiences and opportunities to discover how to drive your productivity forward. This included, for example, the valuable information provided in the live-streamed Innovation Talks.


CHIRON Group continues on its successful path
“We are moving forward from the crisis stronger than before and looking to the future with optimism!” With these words, Carsten Liske, the new CEO of CHIRON Group SE since this March, welcomed participants at the Innovation Talks to the opening of the OPEN HOUSE ONLINE 2021. Specifically, Liske is referring to the combination of the four strong brands into the new overarching corporate structure of the CHIRON Group since the end of 2020. The realignment initiated last year is now complete and Chiron and ETG will break new ground to ensure agile and successful collaboration in the future.


The CHIRON Group will continue its innovation program and invest further in new products and the increasingly important digital realm in order to meet the positive resurgence in demand in a better and more targeted manner. The first visible results, such as the current full capacity of production in the CHIRON Group Precision Factory underscores how lean structures, efficient processes and an optimised product program will keep the CHIRON Group on a successful path and help drive it forward.


New perspectives on machining centres for every application

On 360° virtual tours, visitors to the OPEN HOUSE ONLINE were able to take an exclusive look at the various technical fields and experience the product highlights in a wide variety of ways. In addition, the CHIRON Group presented all of the machining centres in its ‘machine fleet’ with in-depth information. This included the CHIRON DZ28, which has a spindle clearance of 1.2m and is designed for the easy machining of large-volume components. The double-spindle machining centre stands out with the precision, dynamics and highest level of technical availability that are standard for CHIRON products, and it reveals its strengths, in particular, in automotive and aviation applications.


The 715 Series celebrated a world premiere as well. The new machine platform is designed for autonomous processing on all six sides and provides the ideal complement to the CHIRON Group portfolio for bar machining. The extremely compact and dynamic Micro5 machining centre is especially interesting for visitors from high-precision micro-processing fields, such as medical technology, watches, jewelry and precision manufacturing. Another highlight was the CHIRON DZ16 W with the VariocellUno automation unit, a handling robot and workpiece storage. The combination enables the highly productive exchange of pallets of raw and finished parts in parallel with production during series production and the production of a number of workpieces in very short cycle times.


Additive manufacturing: ever deeper expertise

The innovative Additive Manufacturing division presented the AM Cube 3D metal printer at last year’s OPEN HOUSE ONLINE. Since then, laser metal deposition technology using wire or powder has proven its worth in industrial applications. The welding process can now be recorded in real-time using the new digital system VisioLine AM in the metal printer with automatic deposition-head changing – a unique selling point that meets a wide variety of process requirements. At the same time, DataLine AM documents the process data.


Digital products and services – for real added value
The digital systems of the SmartLine portfolio create the conditions for assessing information from machining centres. As a result, the concrete potential in production becomes apparent and can be exploited in a targeted manner. In addition, the SmartLine modules form the basis for SmartServices, the new digital services from the CHIRON Group. This makes targeted services possible for improved overall system effectiveness and is based on the different phases of the machine and system life cycle: commissioning, production, modernisation.