Handtmann HBZ takes ‘heavy’ in its stride

German machine tool manufacturer Handtmann has a long established reputation for designing and manufacturing high precision, heavy duty machining centres that offer high spindle power and torque coupled with a generous workpiece machining capacity to accommodate large component machining in challenging materials.

Available exclusively from its UK distributor the Engineering Technology Group (ETG) Handtmann has expanded its range in recent years with bespoke machines suitehandtmann_etg_prjand to end user industries including aerospace, automotive, die and mould and energy technologies. In addition to supplying the machines, Southam, Warwickshire based ETG also offers technical, service and life time support to customers.

Handtmann’s approach to combining heavy duty with precision is epitomised by its latest HBZ TR Trunnion introduction which completes the HBZ product line of 5-axis, high performance horizontal machining centres.  This is a range capable of highly productive machining of workpieces up to 850 mm, 1,300 mm and 1,700 mm diameter respectively and is especially suited to machining materials such as aluminium, hardened steels and titanium.


The main features of the machines are the NC rotary table with a swivel range -30º /+ 120º, a synchronised double drive system with clamping on both sides of the table, the 5-axis single set up horizontal machining capability and an outstandingly rigid machine design.


Combined with its horizontally positioned high power spindle, this creates a robust, economic machining process especially suited to environments where high volume metal removal and productivity are required.


The HBZ TR machines feature high power spindles (max.125kW) with a high speed maximum of 30,000rpm and high torque (up to 390Nm).  This combination offers flexibility in selecting different spindles from the tool magazine and enables a suitable option for any requirement. The high power creates estimated increases in productivity of up to 30% and a significant decrease of costs per part and machining times.


The horizontal high powered spindle offers machining advantages by providing an optimised process in mill-turn-applications when using high performance spindles. Due to the positioning of the spindle, chips and coolant drop down from the workpiece and don’t collect in deep pockets.


Another advantage of horizontal machining is the minimized heat that is influencing the workpiece and thus provides better thermal stability.


The machine allows best precision during highly dynamic machining processes with all machines achieving accelerations in the X-Y-Z axis of 10m/s² and travel speed of the X-Y-Z axis of 60m/min facilitated by a very rigid frame construction based on FEM calculations.


The machine concept is especially impressive in that one machine can cover a wide range of machining applications in workpieces with different sizes, weights and materials. The HBZ Trunnion is also intended for complex parts with deep
pockets and cavities, which is also reflected in its advanced swarf management.


Swarf cut from the workpiece is immediately transported out of the machining area via scraper and/or screw type swarf conveyors with the option of side or rear exit.
Productivity is also a key feature of the HBZ Trunnion machines.  This is achieved by a combination of features such as reducing machining to a single setup, the
horizontal machining aspect, rigid machine design as well as the high performance spindles.


The HBZ Trunnion utilizes Handtmann’s “Power Cube” concept of machine design which combines the highest power on the smallest footprint with high forces and an extremely rigid construction in a compact design to increase productivity and process reliability.


Features contributing to stability include the extremely rigid construction design allowing a 3-point-floor mounting thermosymetric base frame for better workpiece quality and precision; also as standard are a synchronised double drive system in the X-axis with upper and lower guide ways, workpiece independent linear axes and direct measuring systems.


Standard accelerations of 6m/s² and travel speed of 45m/min can be increased with the inclusion of the optional dynamic-package to reach 10m/s² and 60m/min respectively.


On the latest Handtmann machine, Graeme Thomas, Technical Director Special Projects at ETG comments; “As a production machine, the HBZ Trunnion can be integrated into processes and be automated according to applications and production conditions. As a result, manpower is reduced, machining times and

costs per part are decreased.


“Handtmann offers various ways to automate a single machine or to

combine several machines into an automated line and ETG, with its considerable engineering support has undertaken a number of highly successful turnkey installations of their equipment.


“The HBZ machine range offers a wealth of opportunities for those in the heavy duty but high precision and productive machining sectors,” he concludes.