Generative manufacturing with the AM Cube

The CHIRON AM Cube 3D metal printer that was launched last year has now received more new features. With its patented technology enabling laser deposition welding with both types of feedstock material – wire and powder, the CHIRON AM Cube 3D that is now available from the Engineering Technology Group (ETG) has added another new feature. The comprehensive documentation of the process data via DataLine AM and the ability to capture the welding process in real time using the digital VisioLine AM system will take this technology even further beyond its rivals.

Additive manufacturing has so many applications

Laser deposition welding with AM Cube is suited to a whole variety of different processes and industries, used in the mechanical engineering, tool manufacturing, energy production and even in the aerospace industry. From coating and repairing components to printing near-net-shape parts, there are so many applications for additive manufacturing. Now, the CHIRON Group has succeeded in offering two processes – laser deposition welding with both wire and powder – from just one comprehensive system. This real advantage is a unique feature of the AM Cube. The deposition head can be changed fully automatically during the process, with up to three deposition heads in total.

The system is a combined solution for generative manufacturing and is designed using a Cartesian coordinate system, just like a conventional machining centre. The laser deposition welding technology is especially well-suited to small quantities and large components with long procurement times and high material prices. This is credit to the AM Cube’s effortless switching from four to 5-axis machining, achieving high order volumes while maintaining an excellent surface quality. The AM Cube can also operate unmanned, providing that all the relevant safety precautions are taken.

DataLine AM and VisioLine AM

The new DataLine AM documents a variety of process data during deposition welding and displays them into an easy-to-understand visualisation of the data, live on the monitor. The new digital system VisioLine AM allows systematic process monitoring via a camera system. Both systems build the foundation for a wide range of options to analyse the welding process and create new opportunities to optimise the manufacturing process.