Filtermist delegates get hands-on at ETG

Part of a three day Training and Sales Conference for Filtermist International distributor sales teams was hosted in the Permanent Trade Show (PTS) facility at the Engineering Technology Group’s Southam, Warwickshire headquarters.

Filtermist hosted the Conference specifically for distributor sales teams, with the event attended by sales personnel from 17 different countries including Canada, Israel and the USA, as well as a number of European countries. Topics covered included Filtermist’s product range, applications, new products and accessories, mounting options, marketing resources, competitors and the benefits of offering service and maintenance.

In its custom-built PTS facility ETG has up to a dozen machine tools on permanent display and ready for demonstration with machines covering a range of leading brands including Chiron, Nakamura-Tome, Hardinge Bridgeport, Quaser and Halter Automation.

These machines were used for one of the most useful and practical aspects of the Conference which was a Unit Sizing exercise.  Delegates were shown how to work out the best size Filtermist unit for specific requirements using supplied details including the machine type, type of coolant, power supply, pressure, air changes and air flow required.

Filtermist has worked with ETG for more than 15 years and the Permanent Trade Show was an ideal location for Filtermist to carry out the Unit Sizing exercise in a real-life environment.

Delegates here welcomed to ETG with a presentation from Marketing Manager Dickon James and were then given an opportunity to put their knowledge into practice using machines on show in the PTS.

Stuart Plimmer, Filtermist’s Director of Sales, comments, “We are very grateful to ETG for showing us such wonderful hospitality and allowing us to use their facilities for part of our conference. Feedback from our guests demonstrates that they all found the practical unit sizing exercise extremely valuable.”

For ETG, Dickon James comments; “We have this great facility and while we use it extensively for our own sales and demonstration purposes we are always happy for our associates such as Filtermist to make good use of the facility.”